Driver change, pictures, statistics after Mexico GP 2017-11-01

Database, language, STR12 numbers

  1. Zebulon666
    Mod Original Work @muben_is, From 2017 Mod by Pedro XIII

    Things changed/added:

    • Updated statistics after Mexico GP (podiums, wins, pole-positions)
    • Carlos Sainz over Jolyon Palmer
    • Pierre Gasly over Carlos Sainz
    • Brendon Hartley over Daniil Kvyat
    • pictures and nationalities changed for those 3 drivers Untitled-2.jpg Untitled-5.jpg
    • STR12 names, flags and numbers replaced Untitled-4.jpg
    Note: driver helmets, faces and other stuff thats not above are not changed; also those funny driver photos are also not changed

    If I've missed something, tell me in the comments
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