Driftbox 0.9

Simple drift-angle Indicator App loosely based on the real Driftbox.

  1. decipher
    i have included three different GUI versions.

    lots of wasted space, none of the buttons are functional. just for the silly looks!

    just the LCD screen display, not too much screen space wasted, still looks classy!

    stripped down to the bare essentials!

    installation: unpack to your assetto corsa folder, choose one of the three included App versions, go sideways!

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a real App-Coder, so don't expect too much.

    This is by no means any kind of realistic representation of the Driftbox. This App tries to mimic the basic "Drift practice mode" of the original.

    full manual for the real driftbox is available on the racelogic site ( https://racelogic.support/02VBOX_Mo...x_//_DriftBox/User_Guide/08_-_DB_-_Drift_Mode ) for any real app creator who wants to take over this project. i will most certainly not be able to properly update this App to include the sector drift mode or any of the other features.

    how it works:
    if you go above 25 km/h it will start displaying your speed, drift angle and the peak angle of your current drift.
    peak angle will stay until you end the drift or spin out.

    now the real driftbox will show "SPIN!" if you go above 100° angle, but in AC i was never able to get it to display more than 86°-88° (probably has something to do with the way the slip angle is calculated from acsys.CS.SlipAngle), so i settled for 86° (you can change that in the script if you like).
    your drift will also count as spun-out if you go below 12 km/h with a drift angle of over 45°.

    i took a python script called "smileydrift" (no idea who made it initially, but full credits to the creator and i was only able to find a direct link to the python file https://www.lfs.net/attachment/127978 ) and used that as a basis to get an idea how i could at least get the "drift practice mode" from the driftbox - to display my speed, drift angle and peak angle of the last drift.
    i also took a lot of inspiration from the Sidekick app from Topuz to learn how to add a graphical bar and general logistics of an AC python app, but my code still is a bit of a mess, very basic and amateurish.

Recent Reviews

  1. wwav10
    Version: 0.9
    Good first step. Next step is turn this simple yaw angle counter to record more performance data on the drift per section in the map, it could become a large scale community drift competition platform. I believe D1GP also uses similar telemetry to measure result.
    1. decipher
      Author's Response
      thanks! I agree to the possible next step, that would definitely be possible and really useful, but at the moment it is above my app creation skills. the real driftbox can calculate a "score" for drift sections, based on speed, lateral G and angle, so this would indeed be perfect.
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