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Dream Pack Templates 1.0

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Since Kunos haven't released any official templates I thought I should give everyone some basic ones.
Hopefully they are useful enough to use before we get the official ones.

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Very good job, thanks mate !!
Great job , thanks dude.
Thank you very much for those templates !!!
These templates have been saved in 16bit format so some people will have problems opening them. they need to be saved as 8bit format for them to open in earlier versions of Photoshop and Gimp otherwise users with the earlier software will only see 1 layer that wont accept a great deal of editing......i do understand the benefits of 16bit quality, so this is only a work-around for those who are prepared for some quality loss.
Awesome,Many Thanks.
Superb!!!! great addon for the community, thank you very much 5 stars because i can´t give you 10!!! thank you again
Absolutely SUPERB work here, and what a help you have been to the community. I will give you credit for every skin made with these templates. Profound thanks.
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