Double exhaust muffler racing 17.04.2017

Mod pack for Satsuma (manual install only)

  1. EnonE

    After my first texture pack, it's time for a mod pack !

    Well that's not something huge but im still prood of myself, for a first try, it is not so bad !
    So let me introduce you the Double Muffler Racing (kingsize) :


    screenshots are made with core textures, if u want a clean muffler just edit the chrome part in motorparts and also remove the rust

    Manual install only (instructions are on the .txt)
    If someone want to make an installer let me know it

    Works with 17.04.2017 and lower version.

    Enjoy, rate and leave a comment if u like.

    Edit: orginal mesh from Emre Ocak

Recent Reviews

  1. Fajlol25
    Version: 17.04.2017
    i love mufflers like that and so that is my choice. but i give 4 because its a little too big for me and graphically it doesnt actually fit with exhaust. but great model anyway
  2. AhegaoOverload
    Version: 17.04.2017
    Even though you took the model from another guy, you did an great job transfering it to My Summer Car, I love it
  3. Flat0ut
    Version: 17.04.2017
    Better don't steal models from free sites and making them as yours.. You should be ashamed
    1. EnonE
      Author's Response
      Yes that's an edit from a royality free model, so what ?
      Ashamed to have use a model made for help other to realize what they want ?

      1-The orginal model isnt made to work with MSC
      2- this is not the orginal model, i changed manything (size, parts, etc) to make it fit with the satsuma
      3- the uvmap have been added to work with motorparts
      4- u should stop talking when u dont know ! cuz even if it's a royalilty free model, i asked him before release.

      Im not ashamed at all, im proud of it.

      Later hater
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