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Dorifto Mountain 0.3

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Latest updates

  1. Dorifto Mountain [Release 0.3] update

    0.3 changelog -fixed gaps -added more pitbox :3 -made file name in lowercase -added version...
  2. Dorifto Mountain [Release 0.2]

    0.2 changelog -Changed Track layout -I removed guard rails because it was too much trouble with...

Latest reviews

I like this mod so much, I took the time to make a working AI and map. In track days now you can have 19 other cars traversing up and down the mountain in endless loop and watch out for overtaking AI, cause they do that too. See my post in the support section here
Excellent drift track, and made better by the fact it's a circuit. It still needs quite a bit of work... But I still couldn't help making some Track Cameras for this.. And it's still worth 5 stars :-)
one of my favorites. one problem i notice is it will not keep time and towards the uphill back section i was getting FPS drops. love it though. glad you didnt put in a bunch of pointless detail that makes the course look pixelated
cool but bland looking
Nice work, thanks!
Excellent! Looking forward to 0.3. Screens of it looks amazing. Great work Doge! Thanks.
Excellent serpentine
The track is really nice, but after the AC update it chrashes when I try to load it
Fabulous track, thanks for your hard work!
Love it really much. Thank you :D
Really great! Thanks! Keep up the great work!
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