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DonnerTechRacing ECUs 1.2.2

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How are you! I really like your mods, I had no problems with this, until the last update of the game arrived, some module does not allow starting the car, remove all modules except the ABS, and the ESP, and the car started instantly, I don't know if it's some mistake caused by the mod, oh I did something wrong, and you have not thought about making a scanner for the car?

sorry my bad english
Not sure what would cause the car to not start. Maybe a bug in the smart engine module. I will check that

Not sure what you mean with "scanner for the car"
awesome mod, a lot of fun to use. Have you ever thought about adding a centrifugal turbo or sequential rally-style dogbox? would be an awesome addition ;)
Love the mod, it's so far the only turbo mod to work fully for me with no compatibility issues. I hope that You can keep expanding your brand in the game, and maybe in the future we can get an engine swap! (I however understand how hard this would be, considering the detail put into assembling the engine, and developing all of those features)
I Love this mod, next time can you add like a tuning laptop so you can tune the car and some adhere stuff, hope you have a nice day!
I'm planning to add a display like this one:

Haven't started with that yet :)
Hello i have installed all of the parts but i am having trouble locating the right size Spanner/ Ratchet and I have read the description and it doesn't tell me what size to use can you please help me with this ?
its working now nice mod!
hey pourrait tu ajouter de la peinture s'il te plait en tout cas bon travaille a toi :D
You can paint some parts...
Why is the mod a 7z file type, when I copy and paste it into my mod file all my other mods are application extensions and I don't know where to paste the mod to, just to the mod file or, just to assets, or both but I've tried all 3 of them and each time my msc loader and in game modfile don't even recognise it's there.
you need to extract the archive. 7z is an archive. google for 7zip or winrar. unpack and paste ALL files in the created folder into the Mods folder.

Next time if you have a problem don't write in reviews. Discussions are for help!
Good, except for Cruise control.
AWD makes the car slide without stepping on the gas pedal, and with countersteering. Make the drivetrain distribution more to the front, that means more power to the front, and less to rear.
not possible.
Sorry for 4 star but i can't use the cruise conrol i installed and screwed the Ecu but cruise control doesnt work
Next time give less information so i can help you even less.
Can u have passanger seat even if this is installed
I love this mod, but if it's not too much of a problem I have a suggestion, I don't know if it would be too much to ask, to have the ability to configure the activation keys from the mod configuration to be able to activate or deactivate controls without having to look at them because this is a bit uncomfortable when you have to quickly settle into the drag race. I also came across an error, the error is that when you turn on the 4 wheel drive when you close the game and go back in, it stays on but it doesn't work, you have to turn it off and on again
thanks you very much!!!

PD: sorry for my english credits to google translator
I cant do anything about the awd having to be retoggled that is a problem with the internal awd.
i have everything hooked up but it seems like the button to activate the cruise control is right click so when you go to activate it just pops off other than that i love eveything about the mod
Change your use key to something like F.
add paint replace wood
Not without a please
it shows i installed it but said its disabled due to throwing to many errors and cant get it to be fixed,i hope there is a update for it soon.
Read the ****ing overview
Muchas gracias por tu trabajo, increible.
Tengo una duda, el mod de la ECU se me instalo correctamente pero no me aparece en el catalogo de fletari, que me puede pasar?
Muchas gracias.
I see no problems with the functionality, and it improves drivability of the Satsuma by a lot. ABS can even save you when you go sideways, and ESP is good for steering and keeping control. LaunchControl is amazing for drag races.
The reason why i am giving the mod four stars is because of its frame consumption. The second i bought the parts from the Store, my frames drop from a good 40-50 to 20-30 and stay there for the duration of the mod being active... your turbo doesnt have this problem though. Ill try MOP to see if it improves the frames, and if it does, i won't hesitate to give the mod the star it misses. :)
When I have time, i will look into this.
makes my kar turns into a car
ten out of ten plz keep up the good work
Thanks For Making A Great Mod!
But When I Load The Game It Says I'm Using Pirate Version(My Game Is Bought From Steam),And It won't work.
Will be removed in the next update
love this mod keep up the beautiful work and F**K the people that can't understand that you don't want to support game piracy any way my dude don't get discouraged by there stupidity and just do what you want mad mod love it keep it up
Amazing mod, no complaints keep up the good work!
Super easy to install mod and in the sutsuma .Also great for drag racing builds!
i love this mod. its made the game so much fun again... even when i die more often now but hey its worth it!

Would you be able to do some sort of setting to allow boost control. i find myself often wanting to cruse around with the turbo and that can be hard. if there was a switch that could lower boost to .5bar the allow us to flip the switch when we want full boost. also if not that add a option in the exu that lest us adjust boot like max boost 2.0 or 2.5bar min .2 because since ive gotten this mod ive been on a tuning binge on the dyno ive gotten my satsuma up to 487hp and i cant get any more im itching for that 500hp mark if not more with the ability to add more boost.

Love the work Keep it up !
Great mods Great Author
Your mods have turned this game from finicky boring and dangerously unpredicable to enjoyable and controllable and i have many thanks to give you sir. Would an adjustable boost rate and 2step rpm be possible?
thank you :)

adjustable boost valve is planned for Turbocharger mod not for ECUs (atleast that's the plan).

2step revLimiter (or how i called it stage2RevLimiter) is already added.

It has the function of Launch Controll where if enabled will hold the rpm at the ideal rpm for most torque on launch
Wonderful! But every time I load the game, I have to buy it again. I am using the ModLoader 1.1.6.
you need to save the game at the toilet
you could make a fueltech injection mod for the car, it would be very successful

I really like your work and well done congratulations
thank you.

"replacing" the carb with fuel injection is not that easy. But it's on my todo list
Made Driving with the turbo much easier for a shitty driver like me.
it sounds super cool but im a little bit confused that its not a dll is the instalation process the same as an dll file
in love with it.
Nice Mod
Awesome Mod! I like the way my Satsuma drives now. A lot more stable even tho it has 387 HP using your Turbo charger