Donington Park 2011

Donington Park 2011 1.1

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michael opp
I don't know this track well enough to give it a fair review However thank you very much for your time
Good Job
Donington Park is one of my favorite tracks because of the way you need to drive it. T1 hard on the breaks slowing to the apex and then gradual power out heading down hill out of T2 where you get very light and almost float through T3, 4 and 5 easing your way through T6. Carry too much speed out of 2 or use too much break in T4 and you'll find yourself cutting grass and not recovering till T6 or 7. Power your way through T8 and control your speed through T9 and 10 up hill to T11 with a double apex over the bump to a quick left right pushing hard to the almost double apex hairpin. Don't over drive coming out of the hairpin as you'll have to hit the breaks hard to make a 110 degree left to the front straight. I love driving Retro cars at Donington Park because they drift and float their way around. I gave this track 5 Stars for several reasons; Graphics and penalty. Graphics are full and rich plus the off track penalty range allows for some mistakes without assessing a penalty.
I like this version better than the latest new version of this track, created from scratch by someone else. It has deeper colours and a nice green grass carpet for which Donington is very recognisable.
nice to have this but donington has been through changes since this orignally released in rfactor which would be nice to see all the marshall points now have Caution lighting on the sides of them including some at Melbourne harpin now so a red flag/caution is immediately visible these were not at the circuit in april for btcc i dont believe so have been added since likely due to Formula E being based at the circuit now , donington is becoming more and more advanced circuit as the days and months progress and the damage following the failed F1 Attempt are slowly healing but its still a bit of a mess as alot of the infield from craner curves is impassable i live near to the circuit so 15mins

Events attended at circuit in 2014 sofar

- BTCC 2014 RND 2 (Paddock walk around)
- Formula E Test day's 2 and 5 (including Pit lane walks on both visits and converstations with FIA Reps and team Members and gained 1 autograph)
- BTCC Pre-season Media day (pit lane walk)
Nice track but need improvements. Tested 1.1 version. Textures especially grass needs improvement.
Fantastic work! I've been waiting for Donington for soooo long! *Tears of joy*
Bit bumpy in some corners, but still excellent!
No complaints, does what it says. :)
Hitting the kerbs with all 4 wheels grants you penalties in some cases. Fix that and its a full 5star :)
This conversion is as good as it gets, the feeling of the track is excellent. Makes me wish more add on are like this one. Racing GT3 here is amazing, be beware of the last chicane, if you don't pay it respect you will take off.
Great work, we need more like this.
Thanks, very good quality. Maybe the best converted track.
Great Quality better than most here
Great GT course, nice to see this added!
Great versions.
Really fun track that is a great addition to AC. GP course works very well with a lot of different cars. Great work and thanks to all who contributed, Tomj and the Original designer!! Seems to be very well done and visually is excellent.
Great work , thanks
very nice track ,and great quality
good job