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Dodge Viper SRT GT3 - MyLittlePony: Nightmare Rarity (fictional) 1.2

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Hi everyone and Happy New Year.
This is my very first skin imagined for the Assetto Corsa game.
It requires the Dodge Viper SRT GT3 model by Velos and AssettoIand.

This fictional skin represents Nightmare Rarity from the MyLittlePony comics books.
-The names on the front of the body are the respective authors (screenwriter and illustrators) of this story arc.
-Dark Generosity refers to the musical theme imagined by Delta Brony of the MLP fandom.
-More subtly, the use of Doom's font on the back of the vehicle is an easter egg to RariDoom a mod from the eponymous game by bahatumay of the MLP fandom, featuring Rarity.
-All Nightmare Rarity illustrations are vector based on illustrations from comic books, vectorized by various artists on DeviantArt: Jeatz-Axl (large illustration on car front), MelodyCrystel (side art), MisterAibo for the high definition moon , and finally 90Sigma for the cutie mark.

1.2 minor texture update:
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