DLC Classic Mode OSD Transparency Options 2.0

On-Screen-Display transparency options (16 different ones in version 2.0)

  1. Salut Gilles
    Always backup your files before installing mods (backup files provided within the zipped download, in the 1 - BACKUP_FILES folder).

    DLC OSD Transparency Options Version 2.0 now, for Classic Mode, 80's & 90's racing.

    This mod adds transparent OSD position & lap timer backgrounds to the game's classic mode & DLC. It provides 16 slightly different setups to choose from! It gives drivers a complete see-through On-Screen-Display experience, in combination with the game's different OSD options.


    This mod is offered in an easy to understand and use folder/sub-folders/sub-folders tree structure.

    Key features of version 2.0:

    - No starting lights /or With starting lights
    - No accompanying audio countdown (not tested yet)

    - No wrong-way X icon
    - No session-ending legends in the middle-top of the screen: keep approximate remaining times in mind
    - No pitstop timers (yeah!) :)

    - Invisible on-track Quick Menu (memorize your keypress - or button - sequences first) /or Visible with transparent backgrounds
    - Transparent OSD position & lap timer backgrounds

    - (Optional)* No flags displayed in the middle of the screen (near the top): there are no steering-wheel's flashing arrows in classic mode (except in T-cam & Rear-cam views when REVS is ON, flashing lights appear on it).

    - (Optional)* No "Fastest Lap" boxes displayed in the middle of the screen!

    (Optional)* means that, by keeping - or restoring - the original 1 - BACKUP_FILES\ Osd\config.xml file, the game's flags and fastest-lap boxes will be displayed:
    To keep the game's flags and fastest laps displayed, do not copy the mod's Osd folder to f12013, only copy the mod's frontend folder alone.

    The structured folders for this mod and its many options go as follows:

    After you download and unzip Version 2.0, the resulting unzipped DLC_OSD_TRANSPARENCY_OPTIONS_V2_0 folder contains 3 folders (read the Readme file in that root folder for more information on how to install):


    The 1 - BACKUP_FILES folder is obvious: It contains the game's original files inside their respective frontend and Osd folders, under f12013.

    The 2 - NO_STARTING_LIGHTS and 3 - WITH_STARTING_LIGHTS folders both contain two folders:


    In turn, the A - INVISIBLE_QUICK_MENU folder under each 2 -, and 3 - folders is self-describing, and it also has 2 sub-folders of its own:


    (Same 2 folders in B - TRANSPARENT_QUICK_MENU_BKGND)
    Both of these two 1 -, and 2 - sub-folders also contain two branch folders with the exact same folder names in each of them:


    So the proper way to use this mod is to choose which OSD options you want to install by navigating through this folder/sub-folders/sub-folders 'tree' structure until you'll find what feels the most comfortable for you. For example, let's say you want the least annoying transparent OSD layout possible, or the less distracting one, so you'll open:

    2 - NO_STARTING_LIGHTS, then:
    A - INVISIBLE_QUICK_MENU (since you do know all your keypress/button sequences by heart after all this time using them, right?), then:
    1 - TRANSPARENT_SWIPE_BOX_BKGND, and finally:

    Once you're there, you will see 2 folders named frontend and Osd, along with a few screenshot images. In Windows, double-clicking these images will open them in the default program that opens .png files, so you can have a pretty good idea of how your screen will look like after you'll copy the frontend folder to your Steam/steamapps/common/f12013 folder.

    (Optional)* If you want to get rid of the flags and fastest-lap boxes, all you need to do at this point is to also copy the Osd folder to your f12013 folder as well, but if you'd like to keep them in the game it's easy: don't copy that Osd folder, just the frontend folder.

    To sum it up:
    To install the chosen complete package: Copy both the frontend and Osd folders to your f12013 folder.

    To install the (Optional)* package: Copy the frontend folder only, not the Osd folder

    To restore the original OSD files, copy the corresponding frontend and/or Osd folder/s located in the 1 - BACKUP_FILES folder back into your f12013 folder.

    Enjoy! :notworthy:

    Thanks to Ryder25 for the awesome tools and to NeoSuey for the instructions on how to do this, after he worked for days to find them. :inlove:
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