dkPedals 1.0

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- FFB will not go above 100% any more. (I didn't know this was a problem as I use a direct drive wheel base).
- Labels was not cleared when disabled. Fixed.
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All the other
dkApps you have installed MUST be updated if you want in game configuration to work. If you want to run an older version of the other apps you must at least update the file to version 0.3 in those apps. You can copy that file from this app.

- Fixed bug in _defaults.ini file.
- Added ingame configuration. All dkApps needs to be updated for this to work.
- FFB bar does not autohide anymore, it was very irritating.
- Added steering input visualization (with blinking if not centered).
- dkConfigHandler is updated.
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- Don't show handbrake bar if not used.
- Added support for handbrake via AC patch v0.1.25-preview51 or later. https://**********/patch/ needs to be installed for this to work.
- Bugfixes.
- dkPedals before this version shows only the player input, even if spectating another player. This has been fixed.
- Added text labels for FFB and boost.
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- Hide clutch if not used.
- Hide FFB if not exist. (demo replay)
- Better handling of config file.
- Bugfixes
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- Added options to hide the background of the bars.