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dIrtYs ACC-Grid for Roccat PowerGrid 1.0

"Button-Box": ROCCAT Power-Grid for my G27

  1. Night & Landscape Controlls/Grids & Changes

    Night & Landscape Controlls/Grids & Changes

    Installation v1.0
    4 individual versions (included in the download) + All
    - PC-Launcher and Android-APP download & install
    - "dIrtYs_ACC_ButtonBox_v1_0.zip" download and unzip File
    - Double-click on the desired file
    - select first checkbox in "BUTTON PRESETS" and "GRIDS"
    - click "IMPORT"

  2. Fix on Button: "Cam Angel up"

    Fix on Button: "Cam Angel up"
  3. new buttons & little Changes

    NEW Controls
    - Turn left (LeftDirectionalLight)
    - Turn right (RightDirectionalLight)
    - BrakeBias left (IncreaseBrakeBias)
    - BrakeBias left (DecreaseBrakeBias)
    - Cam Angel up (CameraMoveUp)
    - Cam Angel down (CameraMoveDown)
    - Cam forward (CameraMoveForward)
    - Cam rear (CameraMoveBackward)
    - FOV high (DecreaseFOV)
    - FOV low (IncreaseFOV)
    with size support: 1x1, 2x1, 1x2, 2x2

    - "Starter" no sound when pressing
    - Picture "Starter" revised
  4. new buttons & changeable sizes support

    Changelog v0.1.25 - new buttons & changeable sizes support

    GRID Name change from "Assetto Corsa Competizione" in "ACC"

    NEW Controls
    - ECUMAP high (engine map)
    - ECUMAP low (engine map)
    - Screenshot

    Control size support:
    - ABS high
    - ABS low
    - ECUMAP high
    - ECUMAP low
    - Ignition
    - Screenshot
    - Starter (only 2x1, 2x2)
    - TC high
    - TC low

    Control size change:
    - in Tab "Grid" select "ACC"
    - go to Tab "Editor" and select a Control from...
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