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DiRTy Pacenotes 2.5

Create your own custom pacenotes for DiRT Rally & DiRT Rally 2.0 stages.

  1. Bug fix

    Palo Samo
    Bug fix
  2. DiRT Rally 2.0 support, various audio file formats support, co-driver creator.

    Palo Samo
    • DiRT Rally 2.0 support.
    • Pacenotes files for stages are grouped according to locations.
    • Various audio formats can be used (wav, ogg, mp3).
    • Audio files are loaded into RAM memory at startup for quick access.
    • Co-driver can be created via the app (no more messing with csv files).
    • Calls are no longer interrupted by the next set of calls.
    • Playback button to check new calls before they are added.
    • Countdown before stage start.
    • Countdown...
  3. Fighting with bugs.

    Palo Samo
    Previous upload did not contain bug fix mentioned in the description. I do apologize for the mistake, this update definitely does. There is also a video tutorial available to watch (link on the main page).
  4. Bug Fix

    Palo Samo
    Fixed bug where the app didn't automatically detect next stage.
  5. DiRTy Pacenotes - Big Update

    Palo Samo
    Version 2.0 has redesigned GUI and one executable only. Full list of features on main page. Video tutorial to follow. Enjoy!
  6. Improvements

    Palo Samo
    Live editing - fire up a stage for recce and create your pacenotes as you go without reaching for keyboard.
    Some bug fixes and stuff. recce.jpg
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  7. Small fix

    Palo Samo
    Removed inactive menu items
  8. DiRTy Pacenotes

    Palo Samo
    This tool has been renamed to DiRTy Pacenotes as I believe it can be made to work with any DiRT title that has UDP output (currently only DiRT Rally is supported by default). It is now fully written in Python 2.7.


    1. DiRTy.jpg
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