DirtFish Livery (Mclaren)

DirtFish Livery (Mclaren) 1.01

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Easy install, copy and paste folder included or ERP option also available. Replaces McLaren skins.

My first mod for an F1 game! A custom DirtFish Livery inspired by the real life livery designs from DirtFish Rally School. DirtFish is featured in both DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0 which are developed by Codemasters too.

A lot of hours and attention to detail has been made to this skin. Due to this being my first skin mod, I used the fom car as a base for the skin since it is most effective for me to design with personally.
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Latest updates

  1. White DirtFish Livery Option added

    White livery option requested by Przemo225. Sponsor logos have also been inverted or tweaked to...

Latest reviews

This is actually a great job, congrats. Can you maybe do a version where you swap black with white? I think it would look even more astonishing.
Thank you so much :) I just tried your idea replacing black with white, inverted the black and white colours of the sponsors, and it really does look very nice! I will post a update tonight with it (just need to tweak minor things).
Super liverie mate, thanks for your super 1st work !!!
that means a lot thank you :) !!
Looks impressive! Great job!
Thank you very much :)