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Dirt Telemetry Tool - Cortextual's Version

Dirt Telemetry Tool - Cortextual's Version 1.6.2

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- Added optional 24 hour clock at request.
-Fixed crash at startup some people were having.
- Added troubleshooting option to circumvent the new frame code for people who seem to be unable to get the app to run. If you have this issue please open the \data\settings file in notepad and change the last line to true instead of false, save the file and try running the app again. This will disable the borderless and always on top options, but currently I don't have a better solution. Fixed in 1.6.2
Sorry for the frequent updates, a crash turned up that I have hopefully fixed now. I added some optional wheel lock indicators to make having to download it more palatable.

- Fixed occasional crash occurring when game was started before this app.
- Added Wheel Lock indicators. Extreme suspension compression is now coloured orange to differentiate from the red of the wheel lock indicators at a glance.
- Tuned G Ball.
- Improved window dragging functionality in borderless mode.
- Tool should now retain previous run time, average / max speeds and distance after stage ends.
- Added imperial / metric option.
- Changed rev meter calculation to use max revs info available in DR2, so it doesn’t need to figure out revs for each car, as it used to in DR. If it can’t get this info it will still have to work it out on the fly the first time you rev the engine. Requires extradata = 3 in hardwareconfig.xml
- Changed suspension sliders to adapt to each car in DR2. Should now provide an accurate range of compression and extension for all cars. If extradata=3 isn’t set it defaults to the old scale, which doesn’t work perfectly with some cars. Requires extradata = 3 in hardwareconfig.xml.
- Renamed Wheel mode to Basic mode because it makes sense. They all have a wheel so idk what I was thinking with that one.
- Added ability to remove window borders.
- Added ability to force app to stay on top of other windows.
- Added trace option to G Ball.
- Fixed certain cars displaying “-” instead of “R” for reverse gear.
- Increased maximum revs to accommodate the high revs of certain cars in DiRT Rally 2.0.
-Reduced size of download. Embedded Java still makes it bigger than it potentially could be, but also avoids a lot of extra headaches.
- Added minimal Wheel Mode, displaying only gas, brake and wheel, with optional clutch indicator.
- Added option to disable clutch indicator in Compact Mode and Wheel Mode.
- Changed default Compact Mode wheel image.
- New settings can be found in the settings app.
- The entire app can now be scaled from 50% to 150% of default to accomodate different monitors/tastes.
- Added Compact Mode which shows only minimal readouts. More suitable for videos/streams.
- Added Option for coloured background to allow chroma keying on videos/streams. The default is yellow but the file bgy.png in the data folder can be replaced to change this.
- Added ip/port configuration in data\configuration.cfg. Edit this, or any other program file, at your own risk, there is no error handling and a mistake in here could crash the program or have other unforseen effects.
- Changed some fonts.
-Alternate wheel styles can be found in the data folder and enabled by renaming to wheelCompact.png. Again, if you're going to do this be aware that messing the files up can crash the app.
- Implemented workaround to allow average speed and stage time to continue to display at the end of stage.
- Fixed average speed calculation (metres/sec might be useful for really fast drivers but km/h seems more sensible lol)
- Renamed executable to DiRT_Telemetry_Tool.exe (sorry if this makes people redo the Borderless Gaming settings but the previous name was gibberish)
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