Dirt Rally Wireframes - rally cars 1.0

Wireframes for all rally cars to make skinning easier

  1. mcmattila
    Wireframes for all rally cars in Dirt Rally, in transparent .png. The frames are colored light blue by default, but you can change it to whatever you want in the editor of your choice.
    In each frame there are spots of color in top-left and bottom-right corners. These are there to make aligning easier (/automatic).

    Included in the pack:
    Wireframes for all rally class cars:
    -group B 4wd
    -group B rwd
    -group A

    For each car, there are three wireframes
    -main (4096 x 4096px)
    -glass (2048 x 4096px)
    -lights (1024 x 1024px / few are in 512 x 512px)
    wireframes_rally_promo2.jpg wireframes_rally_promo1.jpg
    Possible issues:
    -wireframes of some cars might be made from Dirt3 models, and there might be few minor differences.
    -some cars are probably missing aerials and/or mudflaps

    Additional skinning resources:
    Dirt Rally Wireframes - RX and HC
    Dirt Rally 3D Templates for Photoshop (A110, R5T)
    Henky SA's templates:
    Dirt Rally 3D Templates for Photoshop (Part I)
    Dirt Rally 3D Templates for Photoshop (Part II)


    1. wireframes_rally_promo4.jpg
    2. wireframes_rally_promo3.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. fenes94
    Version: 1.0
    I was looking for that wireframes thank you so much!
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