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Dirt Rally more power 2017-02-18

ctf Schema editor Dirt Rally

  1. Forzakof
    ctfSchemaDirt Rally. use Ryder ctf editor replace > ctfSchemaDirtShowdown.xml by this one so you can edit the .ctf files from RFPELauncher mod. these 2 mod are also on this forum/site

    so you need
    Dirt Rally
    Ryder CTF Editor.exe and RFPELauncher.exe

    line 95 low rpm 125 high rpm
    power in KW
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Recent Reviews

  1. exbagboy
    Version: 2017-02-18
    I was able to edit power and rev limiter (changed the Audi B Group to a realistic 8,500 rpm and made the power delivery smoother, more in tune with the real car.