Dirt Rally Blank videos to skip intros/no tutorials and save 4GB. 2016-04-06

dirt rally mod, skip videos, save space

  1. robnitro
    Dirt Rally Blank videos to skip intros/no tutorials and save 4GB.

    Unzip to your Dirt Rally\video folder.

    In the annoyance of wasting my SSD space, companies like to put videos of stuff I already know, so I've done this before- just duplicated to the Dirt Rally game.

    If you want tutorials, just choose not to extract those, or extract to another folder and copy/overwrite manually.

    /(Sorry I don't remember where I got the original blank .bik video so I can't give credit to them for making it.
    The .bik blank file works for any game that uses .bik or .bk2 files, those Bink video files that used to be editable, but now they want you to pay to edit/compress. Shame on you Binkheads!)
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Recent Reviews

  1. arktiC
    Version: 2016-04-06
    Hoped for this exact mod when I saw the tutorial videos which I have no use for takes up 4gb. Great mod for us SSD-owners.
  2. Ferdimage
    Version: 2016-04-06
    Thanks heaps for this!
    Seems minor but it helps load the game faster.
    1. robnitro
      Author's Response
      Yep, and most of us here already know what oversteer is. I didn't realize why they put the videos until I saw that the console one came out! Now that expains it.
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