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DiRT Rally 2.0 Essentials Dash for SimHub

DiRT Rally 2.0 Essentials Dash for SimHub 1.1

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Hello all!

This is the first thing that I've uploaded to RD, so thanks for taking the time to download and read. This is a dashboard specifically made for SimHub that shows all essential items needed for rally. So many of the dashes that I've seen for this game on here are way too cramped and/or add unnecessary information, including:
  • Stage name
  • Track map
  • Total distance driven
  • Average speed
  • Previous stage time
  • Brake/tyre temps
  • Predicted time
You don't need any of these things to be successful in rally. Almost all of those are nice to have when doing circuit racing, say on ACC, but for rally? No. In fact, you should have as little as you can on your dash as to reduce distractions.

Here is what this minimalistic dash features:
  • RPM Linear Gauge
  • RPM Value (green)
  • Speed Value (yellow)
  • Stage Time (white)
  • Gear Indicator (flashes red at limiter)
  • DDU8 Logo for authenticity (can be removed, will upload a second version without the logo if the demand arises)
As you should be able to tell, much more minimalistic than some of the other dashes available to download on here.

This dash has been tested with the ACAT mod (found here) using the Ford Fiesta Mk. 8 Rallycross (Supercars 2019) around the stage Oberstein, Germany. Works like a charm and shows everything that one would need for rally driving. Have not tested it with any other combination of car or track, but the values should carry over properly as the data is pulling from the game and not the specific car.

I recommend using this dash with the first inside car cam (high dash cam) with no HUD, but it will work with any type of HUD and any camera setting. At the minimum, I would remove stage time, progress bar, and co-driver calls (visuals). Rally driving is about minimizing distractions, and all of these are distractions when spread out over the screen. I would also recommend remove the regular gauge cluster (the one bottom right corner) as this dash will do everything that the gauge cluster does (minus handbrake and radiator damage indicators, but those don't add any value at all).

Again, thank you for taking the time to read and/or download. I hope you enjoy. If any bugs occur, leave a review and I'll try and fix it as soon as I can.

- Universe

Latest updates

  1. Fixed The Size Of Some Values

    First update for the dash has been rolled out. Please delete the old version and download the...
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