Dirt and Smoke mod

Dirt and Smoke mod 1.5.4

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Latest updates

  1. Dirt and Smoke mod 1.5.4

    new texture
  2. texture upgrade

  3. Dirt and Smoke mod 1.5.2

    compatible with other pp filter

Latest reviews

very needed
i like this mod but even with a gtx970 I get fps loss like maniac, if i spin, for example or do donuts
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
try the new version ;D
I can almost smell the burning rubber!This is awesome!
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
the most beautiful compliment received
Wow! This is so much better than the default Kunos smoke. Looks so real and stays a little longer "in the air". Only thing is that you can see a liitle pixelation from the smoke. Fix that and you will get 5-stars from me for sure :)
Lucio Distilleri
Lucio Distilleri
Srry man, i can t fix it because i dnt see this pixellation .-. U use antialiasing?
very nice
Great ! welldone mate, the perfect smoke ;)
Good Job!
Thank you for the mod, I just used the dirt mod looks perfect!
incredible!! superb!! great job!! thank you very much!!
Very nice but can you do it more dense? i mean no such transparent,good job anyway ;)
WOOOAWWW!! the smoke is Real!!!
very good!
ottimo lavoro
Lucio Distilleri
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