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Dio Holy Diver Livery For Red Bull X2010 4K/2K v1.3

For unitedracingdesign's Red Bull X2010

  1. TheNotoriousDIG
    For unitedracingdesign's Red Bull X2010:


    You've been down too long in the midnight sea.


    Go to your Assetto Corsa folder and go to: content > cars > urd_redbull_x2010/urd_redbull_x2010_s1 > skins, then drop the 'holy_diver' folder into it.


    1. Holy Diver X2010 #1.jpg
    2. Holy Diver X2010 #2.jpg
    3. Holy Diver X2010 #3.jpg
    4. Holy Diver X2010 #4.jpg
    5. Holy Diver X2010 #5.jpg
    6. Holy Diver X2010 #6.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. AnklaX
    Version: v1.3
    OMG! Hell Yeah, this is awesome. Thad dio on the sides looks so damn cool.
  2. Hugo R
    Hugo R
    Version: v1.2
  3. radu1605
    Version: v1.1
    Truly great job. Will we ever see a Metallica livery for the x2010?
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