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Dijon-Prenois Kart 1.2

a official conversion from BRKart tracks

  1. Adriano Augusto

    This is the first kart track that i converted using rFactor Tools. I made this track for rFactor BRKart mod, and wish that you like it! Enjoy!
    to install, please, unzip "imperatriz" folder inside your "GSC2013\GameData\Locations" folder

    EDIT version 1.1:
    If you downloaded before 1.0 version, please, download again this new version, Dijon_Prenois_Kart_FIXED.rar. I inserted a TDF file in this version. track don't load without this file and game crash to desktop. Sorry for this inconvenience.

    EDIT version 1.2:
    If you downloaded 1.1 version before, please, download again this new version, Braga_Kart_F1_2.rar. SKY/MAS issues fixed. I'm really sorry for this.

    If you have, delete previous version before install this version.
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