DigitalHUD 1.05

New minimalist HUD with only 2 digital counters: Gear and Speed.

  1. Victor Cereijo

    - Native 16:9
    : This HUD is designed with 16:9 aspect ratio and FullHD resolution, say goodbye to the stretched objects on 4:3 HUDs.

    - Simply design: So simple, there are only two digital counters: Gears and Speed. The main objetive for this HUD is to stay minimalist.

    - 3 designs! + 1 Special Edition!: This HUD comes with a carbon fiber style, but it includes:
    Black Edition: An elegant design that can be used for everything.
    Metal Edition: A modern and beautiful design.
    DRS Edition: You are using a mod with DRS? no problem with this special edition.
    IMPORTANT: All editions are standalone, if you want to install them at the same time, you can do it.

    - Donations: Do you want to buy me a beer? > here < you have a donation link.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Robin
    Version: 1.05
    Great HUD! Definate Must-Have!
  2. Lazarou
    Version: 1.05
    Great HUD. Using it all the time now.