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DHL Racing F1 (Fictional Team Skin) rev.2

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Notice: Recommend backup your game File!
This mod is overwriting "database" "character" "car\ma2"
"frontend" "langage" "garages".

DHL Racing F1 Team Skin
Replace for Marussia F1 Team.

Car Performance:
Faster(Tier 1)
Sweet Degradation of tire

Driver Change:
1st:Robert Kubica
2nd:Heikki Kovalainen

Changed Garage and Crew's Color.


Latest updates

  1. DHL Racing F1 (Fictional Team Skin) rev.2

    rev.2 Minor texture update(Color Barance & Sponsor logo)

Latest reviews

Grande! Magnisimo!
Awesome job there mate. I work for DHL in New Zealand.
I love these both drivers! They are deserve champ. titles!

And mod is awesome. 4 stars for the efforts and awesome job, but minus one bc it is not my kind of colours.
really good job!!!
great mod
It looks very nice, and I'll definitely play around with it more when my League Season is over!
Looks awesome!
Nice job, looks very well
fantastic job
really well done