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Deuna City Urban Circuit

Deuna City Urban Circuit 2021-05-20

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Deuna City Urban Circuit

Conversion from rFactor for GTR2/GTL/Race 07 by Sergio Hundo

This track is hosted on the web at the link https://euskotracks.wordpress.com/rfactor/deunacity/. "Euskotracks is a small group of modders (and simracers at the same time) specialized in the creation of circuits of fiction for Rfactor and Rfactor 2.The team is made up of borja orizaola (Borimoli) Eduardo Albaizar (SPASKIS), Lucio Gallego (LAGG) and Xavier Fontseca (XAVI77)"--->(section transcript "About us"). It was not possible to establish a contact with any member from Euskotracks for ask permission, despite a lot of effort to search in several racing forums, ask other members and search on platforms and social networks. I sent e.mail (euskotracks@gmail.com), i left message for Spaskis in him Youtube channel...no answer, no success...but I leave all the credits to Euskotracks Team for doing a great job on this track. We thank you for this great job! Congratulations !

If the originals creators of the track when identifying this conversion to GTR2 and request their removal from any website hosted by me, this will be done immediately, therefore, hosting on another website without my knowledge is not allowed.

The purpose of all this is to provide entertainment, without any financial or commercial return. Have fun ! This is enough.

Unzip rar file with Winrar or similar program and paste in Location folder in GTR2. Enjoy !!!

I will take this post to let you know that I will no longer share my conversions, because I receive reviews that do not justify the effort and dedication in what I do. I place the end of my comment below on a last evaluation made from one of my conversions and I leave these questions: After all, what is a bad or good track? And what does it mean to try to be objective?

"Hi, Sergio, re my rating, sorry if it bothers you but I try to be objective about these things. There are some tracks that are better than others. If we all rated tracks very high, just to be nice, we wouldn't be able to tell the good tracks apart from the bad tracks".

"Ok, ------. I understand and accept your position. Thanks also for the words, they helped me to really decide to stop with these conversions."

I only ask for understanding and consideration from everyone who honors me and recognizes the importance of what I have done. Thank you so much for everything.

Sergio Hundo

screen GTR2 01.JPG

screen GTR2 02.JPG

screen GTR2 03.JPG

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Latest reviews

Fun city track, good graphics, AI get around decently, probably best for smaller/less powerful cars like GT4, could use some optimization as FPS can drop to ~30 in some areas like passing pitlane.
sergio hundo
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