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Desert roads 0.3

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Latest reviews

fall through the map
sorry but I fall into the map
sorry but I fall into the map
Good idea, but doesn't get updated.. I would like to see some progression in this track.. It's been in 0,3 for way over a year now.
Very nice! Thank you!
Hilarious, I drove to the end of the main road (with the telephone poles) at like 700 MPH using the equally hilarious Formula DS.
it dus not disservie to get 1 star
love it
Maybe these maps are W.I.P? EARLY ACCESS. Double Standards, what is good for one KUNOS, is not okay for others. Maybe one day he will finish one map completely, and that day will coincide with the day that KUNOS finishes their W.I.P SIM...oh how glorious it may or may not be....?!?!

What the map developersshould say:
“Assetto Corsa maps is already in advanced state of completion. Meanwhile some features and structures are under progress and testing, I have decided to offer the immediate access to the basic features and contents included in the maps, to satisfy the requests of the AC followers.
Assetto Corsa maps is now available for download for Steam Early Access.

The first build of Assetto Corsa maps includes the main structure of the maps , with the aim to guarantee just from the beginning the chance to enjoy the dynamic model of the maps racing with different kind of vehicles.

Players can buy Assetto Corsa saving 22% of the retail price, getting the access to the beta version maps , including its updates, and they will receive the final version of the maps, when it will be released, without any additional charge.”
Nice , thanks
Had problem with rating, good idea, but overall IQ is quite poor. Anyway, track has potential, great idea with those bumps, made F50 take off ;)
4 stars for idea, before test driving
I fall trough the map sometimes, but the idea is good.
File size
5.9 MB
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3.28 star(s) 18 ratings

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