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Delta Best time plugin for rFactor 2 25

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I made this plugin to emulate the delta split feature of iRacing. It displays a realtime delta against your best lap time of the session.

Here's a demo of (an old version of) the plugin in action:

Here's the original thread from the Studio 397 forums:

If you are happy with the plugin and want to show your appreciation, you can donate here.
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Latest updates

  1. Fix for driver swaps

    Plugin now works after a driver swap, finally!
  2. Fixed best lap time display

    Fixed a cosmetic bug in how the best lap time is displayed when a session is loaded or when a...
  3. Version 23 released

    List of changes for v23/Anderstorp (v21 and v22 were just test versions with limited...
  4. Delta Best plugin updated to version 19/Nords

    Plugin should now work after a restart. Previously it stopped working when race was restarted...
  5. Delta Best plugin updated to version 18/Targa

    Best laps are now saved persistently to disk into the...

Latest reviews

Cant get it to work....The Plugin shows on the left corner that its running, but doesnt show up in the game. I tried everything...sorry for the 1 Star rating but for me its useless.It would be great if you update it, that the plugin shows up.
Until Studio 397 releases a new documented way for plugin authors to write to the screen, any DX9 plugin cannot work... A little unfair to post a bad review when I have no way to fix this...
This app would be good. But I can't get it work. It's running in the background but doesn't show up by ctrl+D.
Tried to move the delta time itself (after disabling the bar) to the right, towards the right edge of my screen ... doesn't work. Can only change top
Thank's a lot. Indispensable asset to improve myself.
Perfect tool to get consistancy! Just needs an update to DX11! :)
Great work. It's really nice to see that you are continuing to update this invaluable plugin. So I'm humbly hoping that you'll upgrade to a DX11 version later when rF2-DX11 goes out of beta.
Thanks again!
I will!
Bros! Would it be possible to make it work with the Beta DX11 update? :) Best plugin for RF2! Thanks!
It's planned, yes.
Useful, simple and usable.
one of the plugin foir rFactor2, to get more consistency
Great addition to the game, and an excellent way to build racing skill! Thank you!
Very good. Thanks.
Very Useful thanks!
thanks a lot, awesome mod, so helpful to increase the driver skills and performance!! Thanks for share!
Fantastic mod...can't live without it after you get used to it! Been using it for years. Tweaks address minor issues, but it has been 5-star level for a long time now.
Thanks Marc.
Great Delta for rf2 Thanks for sharing your excellent work.
Wish it was in AMS
You are not the only one to want an AMS plugin conversion.
Maybe crowdfunding? :-)
Thanks again for your excellent work!!
Thank you, Sir!
Essential! Thank you for your hard work and programming skills.
Thanks mate! Your words are appreciated.
From Tassie nonetheless :-)
Just what I needed. Thank you!
Thanks Troy!
how to activate this mod in game for 64 bit version?
You just have to install the DeltaBest_x64.dll in Bin64/Plugins. That's all. Check from Options/Plugins that the plugin is enabled.