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deLivery 2.0.1651

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deLivery - DiRT Rally Livery Manager



  • Commander-style window
  • Filtering (Groups or Cars)
  • Sorting (Name, Date, Cars, Groups)
  • Scan for custom liveries in your Dirt Rally installation and compare with downloaded liveries
  • Adding liveries to Dirt Rally via GUI
  • Choose livery slot where you want your custom livery to be installed
  • Shows actual original liveries of Dirt Rally
Some words
Everything is new now. You can scan for already installed liveries by clicking on the magnifying symbol. Don't forget to set your livery download folder so you can select a livery for installation.

There will be bugs.
Use this software at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage caused by this software. All rights belong to their rightfull owners, no copyright infringement intended.

Latest updates

  1. Support for DiRT Rally 1.11 update and minor fixes

    IMPORTANT: Remember to keep your 'customliveries.xml' file if you already used the old version...
  2. Minor GUI update and some fixes

    IMPORTANT: Remember to keep your 'customliveries.xml' file if you already used the old version...
  3. Support for DiRT Rally 1.1 update

    IMPORTANT: Remember to keep your 'customliveries.xml' file if you already used the old version...

Latest reviews

thanks very good work man
Will you be updating it for the game update today? I love this tool and prefer it over the other one floating around on RD.
Hi mate, thx for your comment :). I already started working on it. Maybe today or tomorrow. Depends on my available time. Still have to download 17gb though^^
At last something that works as it should! Thank you for your work!
Nice and easy tool, good overview of installed skins with auto-backups created. Author willing to listen to community and implementing needed features. Great work man!
Very nice idea, however it doesn't work correct for me.
I selected a 131 Abarth skin to a 131 Abarth, but in-game the skin which is visible was a Focus 2001 skin which installed by this application :o

Tip: you should use thumbnail pictures to select a skin from a folder instead of a listbox.

Keep up the good job!
That is really odd. WIll look into this. Can you provide me with the said liveries of the abarth and the focus 2001?
Good job .. Do you know exactly where the images of the standard cars are kept inside the game files. the images of the cars side on in the car selection screen. I have been loking but cant find them .. like this tool though ...
Well, I took screenshots in the menu of the game, selecting every livery after another and captured all liveries manually :D
DeLivery delivers your liveries easier!
Thanks, that is a fine tool to chancge fast a car skin
File size
6.2 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.69 star(s) 13 ratings

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