Decreased Tyre Wear + 10x Flashback 1.0

F1 2013 Database Flashback Tyre Wear

  1. BlazingRiCO
    For those who find the tyre wear too dramatic (including myself).

    I've added 2 database files with a 25% decrease and with a 50% decrease.
    Values are still the same compared to the teams itself, only lowered.

    And as a 'bonus' I upped the flashbacks to 10 for all difficulties.

    Back up your files before installing the mod to avoid issues with the game.


    1. 3.jpg
    2. 2.jpg
    3. 1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. DemondBlack
    Version: 1.0
    thanks for the mod, where you can modify the flashback? with ego editor
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