DE - Toyota Camry 2007

DE - Toyota Camry 2007 1.0

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It's really good
Buggy, handles weirdly, physics are easily broken..

It's sad I was legit excited for this one to cruise around..
i beat bmw :3
nice. I wish u made 2011 ford mondeo sedan
Has serious potential to be fun, but crashes every time another one is on screen with me. I can hot lap for days on end with no issue, but as soon as I'm in a race, the game freezes and I have to open Task Manager to kill it. Only happens with this mod.

Log file is flooded with:
ERROR: CANNOT FIND DigitalLed mesh:<LED_0 through 31>
this is weird, try to delete the digital_instruments.ini in the data file if it is exist maybe this is the problem, beacuse the car only have analog instruments
We are waiting for more Sedan mods.
Thank you.
I already made Honda Accord 2004 Before this Camry, maybe one day I will release it.
This is not a straight 5 stars from someone who even admit in the review he has not even driven the car yet, I am looking at you @AlexBfromG, at least you are honest, it is a review which I hope will make you better.
The suspension is straight from the Kunos Audi S1 15, not sure how it is relevant to a Camry 2007. Looks like MohdTN did not create much!
You need to set the wheel higher, in VR it is blocking the view from the dash. The interior is terrible, looks like a drawing of an interior.
Why would even bother creating a mod of a Camry 2007, that is as drab as a car gets.
So thank you for trying, but I would recommend you choose a better car, something some one would want to drive IRL in the first place and spend a little more time working on it so it would be worthwhile sharing with us. This is still at beta stage and should only be shared with beta testers.
Good luck in you future endeavor.
First of all, thank you for releasing this car publicly and free of charge. We respect your work and appreciate it immensely. Here's a personal review of it: Visually, this is a 2007 Toyota Camry LE (XV40) for the North American market. That particular model came with a 2.4L Toyota 2AZ-FE inline-four gasoline engine that produced 158hp and 218Nm. Yet the specs indicated are from the Japanese market Camry, that produced 165hp and 224Nm, yet is stylistically different from the North American model. This is a slight overview and I could be accused of nit-picking, but I am that committed to realism. However, and worse yet, the displayed specs do not correspond to the ACTUAL power of the car, which is in excess of 350hp and over 400Nm, and this is an absolute exaggeration for a car of this ilk. Also, the real car never came with a turbo ad your engine.ini file suggests. And before you all argue that "it's a tuned car, OK? Stop being such a whiny little b***", let me say that a car with those tyres and this chassis would not "handle" 350hp/400Nm correctly. Not even the Camry SE (GSV40) with a 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 engine produced such figures. The power.lut file is wrong and the gear ratios are off. Since what I strive for on AC is realism, I cannot give this car more than three stars because of the aforementioned aspects. Visually the car is good and with a nice stocky look, just as I like them. Again: thanks for releasing this car and don't take my words too much at heart. I just stressed an opinion about the car, not its author. Cheers!
Thank you very much, sir, I appreciate your review.
first of all, as I said all the visuals of the car and the conversion made by me, I did not make the car physics because I don't understand how it works, sorry
if you would like to help me out I would love it.
or feel free to edit any file of the car if you want the realism.
as I said I never worked on any physics of any car I don't know how it works, that's why I gave it to a friend so he can help me
Thank you.
will give it a spin after work. looks good in that little gif. and we need some cars to cruise around in