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De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4)

De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4) 1.11

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This is such a good mod, the ONLY negative I can find is I think the sound is lacking just a little bit. Thank you for your work!
Such an iconic car and the mod is absolutely stunning.
Incredible ! Thank you !
one of the best mods out there. also, I need some help to upload some of my custom cars, can you help?
One of my favourite Legends, beautifully depicted for AC.
Very good car, job well done on this car. The handling feels great and the engine sounds are realistic!!
Fantastic car. Nice and loose, a real handful but manageable!
Wow! This thing is so much fun to drive!
Great car, very joyfull to drive! It's tail happy but doesn't stress you out like RUF CTR, just puts a smile on your face every time you powerslide out of the corner! And it's pretty fast too, I made a nordschleife hotlap so check it out: https://youtu.be/Oacr4MWhbxI
Yeah, I changed sound too but I don't think that should affect the rating of this brilliant mod in any way.
This car mod is one of those amazing mods that's just so enjoyable to race around a track. The power output and handling is right up there with other great vintage mods. I'd love it if there was a brake temps thing in, and also better sounds. Kudos to the creator of the mod anyway and I know it's hard to find/build good samples and then arrange them all properly. Can't give this 4.5 stars but it would be just because of that and sounds. On a side note, eventually I replaced the original mod's sound and used the one you can find with Performance Mustangs Boss 302 and also Lola T70 Ford, but don't know who made those samples originally. The internals are awesome and closer to that V8 inside the Pantera. That made it much more enjoyable for me to drive. External sounds not that much, just a tad bit better but they'd need some more good work. Anyone willing to try, here's the link to that different sound bank: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2pwabntow0co1oi/V8_sound_replacement_1971_pantera_group4.zip/file
Incredible car. I wanted this car so bad after seeing it irl and hearing/feeling the immense growling of the engine. The handling is great but there needs to be more growl, more bass to the engine, irl sounds more like the Corvette C7R sound mod from ACFAN but with a deeper note. Though I`m not a fan of this car`s sound but I`m a fan of your work overall so.. 5 stars
I like it. Thanks!
Amazing job thanks. This is awesome!
great work
Great to drive, awesome sfx, great work thanks for sharing
Fantastic job. Seems a Kunos product.
Probably one of the best cars uploaded on here, the handling is just superb.
Great sound and fun to drive
Pessio this is your best car ever. A masterpiece.