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Daytona SCES Road Course 2.7

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Like it a lot. Drove this one in the BMW Z4GT3 and had a lot of fun at this track. Ok, it is not an eye-candy track, but i am not that focussed on how it looks, but how it drives!
Very disapointed. As already said on other reviews, it's visually far from current Rfactor2 standards. And I confirm IA are terrible, they slow down on starting line. Unplayable offline.
With Daytona 24 Hours happening I was keen to do some laps on an rF2 version and my findings is that the SCES version is way below standard of the new generation ISI and 3PA tracks.
This version is visually unpleasant, the apron to banked curve transition just totally bad, and the AI is terrible.
I would not recommend it...
Until a good Daytona RC is released there are ISI and 3PA RoadOvals that are cool to drive
I could say the track is good enough, but I can't stand so outdated graphics on rF2. I had a bad feeling about some corners as well. I looks a bit imprecise imo. The track is good actually, but I really demand high quality when talking about these next gen simulators.
Many thanks for this fantastic track!
This is tremendous fun!
Awesome! Daytona at night...been waiting years.
Thank you a lot!
Gijs van Elderen
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