Datsun Branding (Remastered)

Datsun Branding (Remastered) 1.2

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this mod changes the grills to a more datsun looking grille gt and stock version ! and the bootlid has both datsun and 100a on it and yes the blinkers work finally !
BrennFuchS YT
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4.24 star(s) 17 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fix for latest Experimental

    fixed the stock grill and removed the modded version that was toggle-able in settings grille is...
  2. New front grill badge

    you can change it to the old one in the mod settings
  3. this update adds datsun gt rocker cover

    sorry for the guys that wanted other gt console / mudflaps i just don't have the skills yet

Latest reviews

i was deleting mod and it did not work, then i deleted meshsave and that did not work too. plz send help
100/10 i love that the indcators work on the grille its super cool and yes i meant to put 100/10 not10/10
Grat mod! That is what i was looking for! But.... I have problem. Emblems on bootlid, rocker gt, grille gt is working, but stock grille have only out line, i cant't open mod settings on menu so i cant change badge on grille and after lunching save consol say
ERROR: mod Datsun Branding throw an error
DETAILS: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in Void OnLoad()
I dont know why. Other mods working, msc loader working, i copy files properly and the rest of mod is working, so i dont know what happend. PLS help
Great mod love it one issue i am missing the datsun branding on the bootlid it still says satsuma for me.
just want to say the grill is buged it only has the out line of the grill and not the mesh middle plz help thx
BrennFuchS YT
BrennFuchS YT
delete Meshsave
i own a datsun 100a if you want something
BrennFuchS YT
BrennFuchS YT
pm me on discord: BrennFuchS#7744
i would want to take it off but it just glitches out
BrennFuchS YT
BrennFuchS YT
if the textures are weird delete the meshsave after removing mod
the blinkers have the satsuma mudflap textured over them, idk why. was fine yesterday but I put on gt grill now like that
hello i got a share violation last time but issue was that msc directory was open overall a good mod love it !
I have Datsun branded mudflaps if you need them
Very cool! Thank you so much!
Finally someone did this. Thank you very much!!!
Please add rear branding too!
great mod but its missing the Datsun name on gt rocker cover and gt gear console name
BrennFuchS YT
BrennFuchS YT
working on it!
I love it. Haven't tested it in game but already love it lmao.
This is all i needed in this game!