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Database Mod 2.2.2

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Database Mod 1.0:
  • Changed team tiers:
Tier 1: Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams
Tier 2: Ferrari, McLaren, Force India
Tier 3: Toro Rosso, Lotus, Sauber
Tier 4: Caterham, Marussia
  • Changed AI driver performance
  • Changed team performances
  • Fixd differant things in database(like Williams had Renault engine, not Mercedes)
  • Changed Safety Car chance and max deploy times for each track
  • Changed tyres selection to the last races of the season
  • Changed some cars tunnig files

1,5 Update:

  • Weather changes:
-Weather chances decreased, there will still be rain, but it should be not so much thats in the original game.

1,8 Update:

  • tweaked the AI performance
  • tweaked the car performance
  • tweaked weather(chance for rain)

1,9 Update:

  • Added AI wet weather optional ability
  • Choose from: Fast, Original, Medium, Slow
AI wet weather test comparison:
Malaysia, Legend AI, Heavy Rain: (short qualifying grand prix mode)
Pole: 1:48.237

Pole: 1:50.502

Pole: 1:52.333

Pole: 1:55.222
Unpack the folder, take the cars, database and tracks folder over to youre F1 2014 instalation folder. Then Chosse slow, medium, original or fast wet pace, and take the ai folder in there over to f1 2014 instalation folder.


I gues not so many people will use fast since most people think the ai are way to fast on wet allready but.... Now you have the option atleast! :p

2.0 Update:

  • AI more agressive.
  • AI make more mistakes.
  • More car mechanical problems(AI)
  • AI now overtake more, also off the racing line.
  • Made more adjustments to AI driver performance.
  • Made more adjustments to rain chance att some tracks.
  • Tweaked the Safety Car




Unpack the folder, take the cars, database and tracks folder over to youre F1 2014 instalation folder. Then Choose slow, medium, original or fast wet pace, and take the ai folder in there over to f1 2014 instalation folder.
The WET - fast/orginial/medium/slow folder also includes the other AI changes in this update, so if you are happy with the Wet pace in this game, then just take Wet - Original


The AI will still backout of situations att times, I dont know what Codemasters have done to the poor AI to scare them away from overtaking, but it should be much better now....And also race like you see on TV, not on youtube.. I mean, people on Youtube have often just a little bit contact with the AI in overtakes, and that really scares the AI in this game, if you are really divebombing to there inside, then they will give you the space you need, since they move/backoff to avoid an incident, so the more real you race them the better they are in this game, but still with there problems...

And there is also no need for new profile or new career for this update, you can continou youre career with any problems!

2,1 Update:
  • Added 7 additional tracks by Matt Drummond support, for grand prix and time trial
Unpack the folder, take the cars, database and tracks folder over to youre F1 2014 instalation folder. Then Chose slow, medium, original or fast wet pace for the AI, and take the ai folder in there over to F1 2014 instalation folder.

If you want 7 additional tracks, then take the database from ''Database 7additional tracks'' over to youre F1 2014 instalation folder.

There is no need for new profile for thise changes(if you have an older version of this mod installed)

Link to the 7 additional tracks mod, for feedback, reviews, download, info etc:





Just unpack te map than take the maps(cars and database) to youre F1 2014 instalation map.

To to be sure you should backup youre files. since you can't race online with this database, you need the original database for online!

To get most of these changes you need to start a new profile, then start new career.

Latest updates

  1. Big fix

    Database Mod 2.2.2: Removed safety car from the 7 additional tracks because of bugs and glitch...
  2. Bug fix

    Database Mod 2.2.2: Removed safety car from the 7 additional tracks because of bugs and glitch...
  3. Fix Valencia

    Database Mod 2.2.1 Update: Fixd the crash when loading Valencia

Latest reviews

How can I change the database in the Ego Database Editor?
Thanks so much! Finally I can run the same AI difficulty level in the rain and the dry, great work on the slower rain AI!
How and which software did you use to change the database? Unable to change with UltraISO. P.S: Terrific resource
pls what different are in the 2015 season file and the others
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen
the name 2015 season should explain that... Its the Formula 2015 season, Vettel to ferrari, Alonso to McLaren etc
I love the hard work but the ai are making way too many mistakes. I play on Legend no assist and take a track like Canada for instance the ai drop out of the field and make mistakes left and right. Is there any way to fix this, is anybody else experiencing this?
Outstanding Well Done
Goooood job dude :)
Great Mod Thanks for your dedication!
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen
Thank you!
I dominate with Vettel on Legend, Rosberg and Hamilton are horribly inconsistent and in many instances, are not competitive. Alonso is way too fast, Williams aren't fast enough. Ricciardo is far too slow normally finishing lower than P10. This database is better than Codemasters' default, but it still isn't anywhere near true to the actual 2014 performance. This is in a Grand Prix season, by the way. Also, out of 10 race weekends so far it has rained in 9 of them; only exception being Bahrain. I didn't get this much on the default database. Not even close. I thought there was a reduced chance? Seems it is actually increased considerably.
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen
Have you started a new profile?
first of, this mod is great and it makes the game a lot more realistic! thanks for ur work on that. some things i noticed while the driving: the ai is very shy at the start, sort of "u drive first, no u, no u" and so on :D the second thing is, that mercedes had the most technical problems - 90% of all the drivers. just feedback. would be awesome, if u can fix this (:
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen
Thank you! And yeah, the AI is very slow first lap, or first sector, but that has nothing to do with the mod... And as I have said in the forum, it wont be more updates to this mod apart from if there is something that really needs to be fixd. Since I have not even played this game since the day the last update to this mode came out, and im now working on stuff for PES 2015 on PS4 :P
thx a lot.
Like it very much
This kind of stuff is great! Any way you can reduce the pit stop times to the actual 2.5-2.9 range for even more realism? These consistent 3.7 stops are crazy.
really feels better than the original! nice effort
You are brilliant. Thank you.
Thanks you for all job
You fixed the problem with the tracks, and you notified me it was fixed. The mod was awesome already but you have outdone yourself. Welldone, keep it up :)
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen
Thank you!
very amazing mod but you can create the complete backup for this mod?
Hey, I love this mod but the new update hasn't seemed to have worked. I tried a new track on grandprix and timetrial and the game just resets. Help? xD
Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen
Yeah, sorry about that... But thats fixd now in 2.1.1 update!

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