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(DATA REPLACEMENT) RUF CTR-1 Yellowbird Improved Physics by Arch 1.51

Ruf faszination.

  1. Kyuubeey
    11.09.2019 Version 1.51

    - Corrected issue in front SM width. I left in 185mm testing value: sorry!

    11.09.2019 Version 1.5

    - Changed front geometry
    - Changed height
    - Changed strokes
    - Changed damping
    - Reverted back to lower ARB rates; links described as "stock"
    - Corrected rear track

    09.09.2019 Version 1.4

    - Changed inertia
    - Changed rear spoiler dimensions, position, yaw sensitivity
    - Increased ARB coefficient to account for stiffer links
    - Corrected car mass for bug/feature? in STRUT
    - Corrected CoG for sprung mass calculation

    07.09.2019 Version 1.3

    - Changed front geometry
    - Corrected spacers, offsets, track widths etc.
    - Thanks to @mike12345678 and @AlleyViper for data

    06.09.2019 Version 1.2

    - Changed front geometry
    - Changed suspension stroke and bumpstops
    - Tire changes
    - Adjusted SM default pressure closer to ideal for track driving
    - Inertia changes
    - Collider changes
    - Misc. changes

    05.07.2019 Version 1.1b

    - Added "flexible rear bushing" that I forgot

    08.06.2019 Version 1.1

    - Redid front and rear suspension using Porsche factory curves and images
    - Changed alignment setup for toe
    - Changed default alignment to 930 standard
    - Corrected default LSD lock
    - Added in full range of LSD lock
    - Standardized some tire values, heating
    - Adjusted brakes and bias adjustment

    05.06.2019 Version 1.0b

    - Corrected small oversight in suspension
    - Added car directory folder

    04.06.2019 Version 1.0

    • Initial release


    Doesn't require shaders patch!

    Recommended downloads:
    Visuals improvement by Cortmarshal.

    Great skinpacks by Xedrox.


    RUF CTR-1 Yellowbird

    Physics and custom UI file by Arch/Kyuubeey
    UI file torque curves by x4fab's AC Torque Helper
    Everything else by Kunos Simulazioni
    Thanks to @mike12345678 and @AlleyViper for data


    The data.acd file is intended as a replacement used alongside the KS Ruf Yellowbird visuals
    or a fitting visual of your choosing. Visuals are not bundled with the package. Sound is included.
    How to install:


    CTR-1 = KS Yellowbird and KS Yellowbird sound

    Installation instructions

    make 1 new folder on content\cars:

    copy from folder ruf_yellowbird
    all these files to the new previously created folder:

    Extract and replace all from the downloaded file
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Recent Reviews

  1. Błażej Wianecki
    Błażej Wianecki
    Version: 1.51
    I’ve finally started to enjoy the car after last update. First classic 911 in ac that seems convincing to me. Also sometimes I really like to run in low boost setting. Am I being weird?
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response

      I too largely feel the same.
      Low boost is fine. Can someone model an old Carrera? :P
  2. judiego78
    Version: 1.51
  3. judiego78
    Version: 1.4
    Maybe it is too soft?, when you brake the front of the car hits the road.
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response

      The tbars are correct. But there's no guarantee the anti-dive is correct (Not so much on the real car), nor is there a guarantee the Kunos bumper is on the right height. I'm still investigating. Best Motoring's production version CTR1 seems to have less braking dive, so perhaps I need to offset it to account for AC's broken internal forces. Could be important in this case.
  4. deCarera
    Version: 1.3
    Seems much more understeery than tha Kunos car, is that by design? Weight, horsepower and torque numbers are different from the Kunos car as well, were their numbers inaccurate? I also seemed to have more grip with the standard Kunos higher tire pressures than your much lower pressures with sem-slicks. That also surprised me.
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response

      The KS car has a ton of artificial grip in the rear tires and a completely wrong suspension geometry, so I don't know why you even take it seriously to begin with. My tires are reasonable and the curves match up reasonably well.
      Everything on the car is as accurate as I could make it, and the power is from a dyno done by Best Motoring. Although sadly they didn't show the sheet so I had to estimate the curve myself using the peaks. It's no surprise it understeers more, seeing as the KS car is far too oversteery even with the large amount of extra rear tire grip.
  5. leclettico
    Version: 1.3
    I don't know. She seems to me too soft on sospensions. From videos on Youtube she is stiff as the Kunos one.
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response

      I literally have the calculation for the same dimension torsion bars that are on the car. Like the actual wheelrates and how much they change with the offsets.
  6. Amir Vodokotlic
    Amir Vodokotlic
    Version: 1.2
    Thank you again. Fantastic improvement.
  7. alekabul
    Version: 1.1b
    Excellent indeed! Lovely increase in FFB feel from the bigger inertia. And that rarest of all feelinds when tyre walls are clearly telling "Hey, back off, buddy!"
    Much improved over the official car.
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Just a correction, the inertia is *smaller* than the KS car. And I believe it should go a little bit smaller yet.
  8. Orange4000
    Version: 1.1
    Seems to be working. With semi slicks and 100% turbo... I can now do consistent 1 min 39
    point somethings at Brands Hatch. Previously I could barely do a lap.

    I found that adding a touch more positive camber to the front and some more toe out makes it even more stable.

    This is with a Logitech G25 with a Ricmotech Load cell kit and using a LUT from RasmusP.

    Thanks for your work.
  9. Sanch0z
    Version: 1.1
    This thing (and also BNR34) should on top of the top downloads list, like NFS Tournament pack or something. Suspension is understeery but it doesn't try to kill you anymore. It feels just right.
  10. robnitro
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks but how are you determining the physics /handling? Are you comparing lap times between established cars to determine how faster or slower it should be in corners etc?
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response
      Hey. I'm using data from Porsche 930's, the production CTR-1 and the Yellowbird. I'm not comparing handling or anything, and I rarely do for cars like this. Too many factors. There's only one video of the Yellowbird being driven hard, and it's on a track that can't be replicated, the old Nordschleife. So it has to be done with numerical data and facts. For example I know the tires available are too grippy, as I haven't made a tire that would be realistic for a mid 80's performance tire, so it's useless to compare performance in corners before I'd make one.
  11. Jeremy Chaim
    Jeremy Chaim
    Version: 1.0
    Loving all the physics updates you've been sharing...thanks...
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