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(DATA REPLACEMENT) Mazda RX-7 FD3S Improved Physics by Arch 1.9

Curses begone!

  1. Dampers, rollbars

    13.10.2019 Version 1.9

    - Adjustment for damper oversight
    - Calculated rollbars; didn't quite trust the old ones
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  2. Geo, AWS, tires, inertia, misc

    27.09.2019 Version 1.8

    - Changed geometries
    - "Rubber bushing" ARB coeff from 0.4 to 0.5
    - Changed AWS
    - Removed AWS from S1 and S2
    - Default SM tire pressure to 24, closer to ideal
    - Tire changes
    - Adjusted inertia
    - Adjusted tuned cars LSD settings
    - Removed tray adjustability from S3 and S4
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  3. Geometries, brakes

    27.08.2019 Version 1.7

    - Changed front and rear geometry, a bit closer
    - Changed brakes, EBD
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  4. S4 version, wing config, minor changes

    10.08.2019 Version 1.6

    - Added S4 version
    - Added wing 3D replacement model and config by @Trawa#3727
    - Changed S3 turbo and power.lut slightly
    - Changed engine inertia, limiter hz in S3
    - Some minor tire changes
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  5. Increased S3 rear downforce

    26.07.2019 Version 1.5b

    - Increased downforce and drag of S3 rear aerofoils to more realistic level
  6. Motion ratios, setups

    22.07.2019 Version 1.5

    - Front motion ratio 0.630 -> 0.671 as per HKS
    - Rear motion ratio 0.750 -> 0.714 as per HKS
    - Default setups changed for tuned cars
    - Geometry adjustments to tuned cars; rear LCA from adjusted to un-adjusted
    - Rear bushing deflection added to S1 and S2; far less due to stiffer bushing
    - S3 tire stiffness changed
    - New tire camber values
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  7. Tuned versions, FFB changes

    15.06.2019 Version 1.4

    - Weaker FFB to represent 1999+ powersteering changes
    - S3 tire size changed from 255/255 to 265/265
    - Added negative preload possibility to S3 ie: OS Giken
    - Changed S3 springs from 22/20 to 18/18
    - Changed S3 differential settings
    - Changed S3 alignment
    - Raised S3 front 10mm
    - Changed S2, S3 dampers knee
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  8. More setup, different setup

    31.05.2019 Version 1.3

    - S3 folder name changed from "arch_mazda_fd3s_2002_s3" to "arch_mazda_fd3s_1999_s3"
    - Adjusted sequential turbo minimum pressure based on better reference
    - Added turbo adjustability to S3
    - Added larger rear spring range to S3
    - Added more precise ARB adjustment to S3
    - Added one more step to S3 LSD adjustment
    - S3 tire size changed from 235/255 to 255/255
    - S3 standard rear toe per side increased
    - S3 standard rear ARB increased
    - S3 offset changed from ET50 to...
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  9. Small power.lut change

    29.05.2019 Version 1.2c

    - Modified power curve close to and above rev limit as per suggestion: probably closer to reality
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  10. S3 undertray adjust hotfix

    28.05.2019 Version 1.2b

    - Added front undertray adjustability to S3
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  11. S3 added

    28.05.2019 Version 1.2

    - Added S3 version
    - Added yaw sensitivity to rear aerofoils that I overlooked
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  12. New car, packers

    27.05.2019 Version 1.1

    - Added S2 version
    - Corrected faulty packers implementation for all cars
  13. Stock height, alignment, S1 diet

    26.05.2019 Version 1.0c

    - Corrected Spirit R height, alignment and ranges: oops!
    - Changed S1 alignment slightly
    - Put the S1 on a mild diet
  14. EBD, ABS hotfix

    25.05.2019 Version 1.0b

    - Corrected EBD: logic mistake
    - Changed ABS, brakes
  15. Release! And S1

    25.05.2019 Version 1.0

    - Added S1 version
    - Added Semislicks tires
    - Corrected tires dimensions
    - Added more appropriate F6 camera
  16. Engine, turbos

    25.05.2019 Version 0.9RC6

    - Implemented correct engine curve and turbos
    - Corrected gauge boost pressure
    - Updated UI
  17. Engine, turbos, EBD

    24.05.2019 Version 0.9RC5

    - Implemented more accurate engine curve - not Spirit R spec yet
    - Implemented more accurate turbochargers functionality
    - Implemented Electronic Brake Distribution as per late-model FD3S
    - Changed default brake bias
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  18. Aerodynamics, alignment, bumpstops

    24.05.2019 Version 0.9RC4

    - Implemented new aerodynamics to replace KS
    - Changed alignment and ranges - thanks baker7498, mike12345678
    - Changed bumpstops length 40mm -> 60mm
    - Changed graphics offset
    - Changed engine braking torque
  19. Suspension, LSD, electronics

    23.05.2019 Version 0.9RC3

    - Improved rear suspension geometry
    - Updated ABS to V2 4-channel
    - Changed ABS
    - Changed AWS
    - Changed diff lock %, oops! It's symmetrical both ways!
    - Changed inertia
    - Implemented (for real this time) real ARBs
    - Changed graphics offset
  20. Suspension changes

    22.05.2019 Version 0.9RC2

    - Improved dampers
    - Acquired and implemented (probably) real ARB
    - Acquired and implemented (probably) real bumpstops
    - Corrected rear MR slightly
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