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(DATA REPLACEMENT) Mazda RX-7 FD3S Improved Physics by Arch 1.9

Curses begone!

  1. Kyuubeey
    13.10.2019 Version 1.9

    - Adjustment for damper oversight
    - Calculated rollbars; didn't quite trust the old ones

    27.09.2019 Version 1.8

    - Changed geometries
    - "Rubber bushing" ARB coeff from 0.4 to 0.5
    - Changed AWS
    - Removed AWS from S1 and S2
    - Default SM tire pressure to 24, closer to ideal
    - Tire changes
    - Adjusted inertia
    - Adjusted tuned cars LSD settings
    - Removed tray adjustability from S3 and S4

    27.08.2019 Version 1.7

    - Changed front and rear geometry, a bit closer
    - Changed brakes, EBD

    10.08.2019 Version 1.6

    - Added S4 version
    - Added wing 3D replacement model and config by @Trawa#3727
    - Changed S3 turbo and power.lut slightly
    - Changed engine inertia, limiter hz in S3
    - Some minor tire changes

    26.07.2019 Version 1.5b

    - Increased downforce and drag of S3 rear aerofoils to more realistic level

    22.07.2019 Version 1.5

    - Front motion ratio 0.630 -> 0.671 as per HKS
    - Rear motion ratio 0.750 -> 0.714 as per HKS
    - Default setups changed for tuned cars
    - Geometry adjustments to tuned cars; rear LCA from adjusted to un-adjusted
    - Rear bushing deflection added to S1 and S2; far less due to stiffer bushing
    - S3 tire stiffness changed
    - New tire camber values

    15.06.2019 Version 1.4

    - Weaker FFB to represent 1999+ powersteering changes
    - S3 tire size changed from 255/255 to 265/265
    - Added negative preload possibility to S3 ie: OS Giken
    - Changed S3 springs from 22/20 to 18/18
    - Changed S3 differential settings
    - Changed S3 alignment
    - Raised S3 front 10mm
    - Changed S2, S3 dampers knee

    31.05.2019 Version 1.3

    - S3 folder name changed from "arch_mazda_fd3s_2002_s3" to "arch_mazda_fd3s_1999_s3"
    - Adjusted sequential turbo minimum pressure based on better reference
    - Added turbo adjustability to S3
    - Added larger rear spring range to S3
    - Added more precise ARB adjustment to S3
    - Added one more step to S3 LSD adjustment
    - S3 tire size changed from 235/255 to 255/255
    - S3 standard rear toe per side increased
    - S3 standard rear ARB increased
    - S3 offset changed from ET50 to ET45
    - S3 caster aligned to maximum OEM specification
    - S2 rear ARB increased one step

    29.05.2019 Version 1.2c

    - Modified power curve close to and above rev limit as per suggestion: probably closer to reality

    28.05.2019 Version 1.2b

    - Added front undertray adjustability to S3

    28.05.2019 Version 1.2

    - Added S3 version
    - Added yaw sensitivity to rear aerofoils that I overlooked

    27.05.2019 Version 1.1

    - Added S2 version
    - Corrected faulty packers implementation for all cars

    26.05.2019 Version 1.0c

    - Corrected Spirit R height, alignment and ranges: oops!
    - Changed S1 alignment slightly
    - Put the S1 on a mild diet

    25.05.2019 Version 1.0b

    - Corrected EBD: logic mistake
    - Changed ABS, brakes

    25.05.2019 Version 1.0

    - Added S1 version
    - Added Semislicks tires
    - Corrected tires dimensions
    - Added more appropriate F6 camera

    25.05.2019 Version 0.9RC6

    - Implemented correct engine curve and turbos
    - Corrected gauge boost pressure
    - Updated UI

    24.05.2019 Version 0.9RC5

    - Implemented more accurate engine curve - not Spirit R spec yet
    - Implemented more accurate turbochargers fuctionality
    - Implemented Electronic Brake Distribution as per late-model FD3S
    - Changed default brake bias

    24.05.2019 Version 0.9RC4

    - Implemented new aerodynamics to replace KS
    - Changed alignment and ranges - thanks baker7498, mike12345678
    - Changed bumpstops length 40mm -> 60mm
    - Changed graphics offset
    - Changed engine braking torque

    23.05.2019 Version 0.9RC3

    - Improved rear suspension geometry
    - Updated ABS to V2 4-channel
    - Changed ABS
    - Changed AWS
    - Changed diff lock %, oops! It's symmetrical both ways!
    - Changed inertia
    - Implemented (for real this time) real ARBs
    - Changed graphics offset

    22.05.2019 Version 0.9RC2

    - Improved dampers
    - Acquired and implemented (probably) real ARB
    - Acquired and implemented (probably) real bumpstops
    - Corrected rear MR

    22.05.2019 Version 0.9RC

    • Initial early release


    S4 graphics replacements require shaders patch!
    Don't install extensions if not using shaders patch.

    Doesn't require shaders patch! Requires JDM Pack DLC by Kunos!


    RX-7 FD3S SPIRIT R Type A
    RX-7 FD3S S1
    RX-7 FD3S S2
    RX-7 FD3S S3
    RX-7 FD3S S4

    Physics and custom UI file by Arch/Kyuubeey
    Wing 3D replacement model and config by @Trawa#3727
    Versions icons by Content Manager
    UI file torque curves by x4fab's AC Torque Helper
    Everything else by Kunos Simulazioni

    Special thanks:
    baker7498 for providing lots of data and literature
    mike12345678 for providing lots of data and literature and a torque curve
    Leonardo Ratafia for providing data


    The data.acd file is intended as a replacement used alongside the KS RX7 Spirit R visuals
    or a fitting visual of your choosing. Visuals and sound are not bundled with the package.

    How to install:


    Spirit R: KS RX7 Spirit R and Spirit R sound
    S1 : KS RX7 Spirit R and Spirit R sound
    S2 : KS RX7 Spirit R and Spirit R sound
    S3 : KS RX7 Tuned and Tuned sound
    S4 : KS RX7 Tuned and Tuned sound

    Installation instructions

    make 4 new folders on content\cars:

    copy from folder ks_mazda_rx7_spirit_r
    all these files to the new previously created folders:

    Extract and replace all from the downloaded file

    4. use CM to Replace Sound (Bottom Right Icon) and select the Kunos RX7 Spirit R

    5. Repeat appropriate steps for arch_mazda_fd3s_1999_s3 and arch_mazda_fd3s_1999_s4

    6. If using CSP, drag and drop "extensions" folder into AC directory.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Amir Vodokotlic
    Amir Vodokotlic
    Version: 1.9
    Thank you.
  2. kevink63
    Version: 1.6
    Enjoying it, thanks for the awesome work.
  3. hal4000
    Version: 1.6
    What a great job you did on this! It totally transforms the car.
    This is the first one of your mods I tried. Downloading the rest as I write this. Truly excellent!
  4. ukzz4iroc
    Version: 1.6
    Great stuff. S2/33 didnt work for me until I sorted the sounds out through CM. Handling is sublime. Felt compelled to give the review after some fool gave you 1 star.
  5. asdf鬼宇
    Version: 1.5b
  6. Pepper606
    Version: 1.5b
    Excellent job! It's brought the car back to life for me. TY!
  7. Lafrente
    Version: 1.5b
    So why should I think that you could make "better physics version" of AC cars while the devs who made these are way ahead of you and has way more access to the car data? You should NOT release these as "improved physics" but "my taste of physics"
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response
      I know they're improved if numbers are concerned, in an objective manner compared to the KS cars I did work on simply because you can find workshop manuals and documents which show that the numbers in the KS cars are wrong, or you can find schematics and measurements which show the suspension geometry is off, or you can find aerodynamic documents and CFD which shows the aerodynamics are off, or you can find telemetry etc.

      KS has access to as much data as I do on these cars: in fact less because I used more time to find more and better sources. Japanese OEM don't provide any specific data from what I understand. In fact one of the sources for the R34 is an exact same source they used, confirmed by the source itself. ;)

      But hey, you didn't pay any extra money for the cars, so I guess they're worse, right.

      EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that the damping values in the Kunos R34 are literally the same ones that I made back in 2015 or so. Literally. They just put mine in and changed the rebound threshold speed.
  8. Amir Vodokotlic
    Amir Vodokotlic
    Version: 1.5
    Thank you.
  9. AadHofman
    Version: 1.4
    The stock version alone is worth 5 stars. Excellent drivability!
  10. Galis
    Version: 1.4
    God I just love this. Thanks to this mod I can finally challenge Ferraris on the Nurburgring with that 290hp rusty bucket dorito boi.
  11. robnitro
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks but one bug... your power.lut has so many decimal places that the torque curve recalculate graph in CM shows a wrong low curve . Don't need decimals for power.lut!
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response
      I scaled it from another boost level, so it ended up like that. Not really a thing I care to even go fix. Recalculate curves from data only looks okay to me. Don't use data + UI as the UI doesn't understand ps and kgm.
  12. Sanch0z
    Version: 1.0c
    This made fall in love with RX-7 again
    Version: 1.0b
    Feel so much more realistic cant wait to see more! would love to see you do some physics for drift cars? maybe the e30 drift?
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response
      Hey. Glad you like it. If you could get someone to model me a nice E30, I'd think about it.
  14. erba72
    Version: 0.9RC3
    what a superb job your'e doing with these cars ! I love it
  15. briengx01
    Version: 0.9RC2
    Looking forward to more of your work!
    1. Kyuubeey
      Author's Response
      Thanks. If you liked it, there's an R34 V-spec and AE86 I've made as well that you can find in the Cars section. I'm fairly happy with the R34 myself.
  16. Leonardo Ratafiá
    Leonardo Ratafiá
    Version: 0.9RC2
    finally the JDM pack is making sense! thanks for your work and research!
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