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(DATA REPLACEMENT) BMW M3 E30 Improved Physics by Arch 1.2

The best of German FR.

  1. Added S2, some DTM changes

    14.07.2019 Version 1.2

    - Added S2 version
    - Changed M3 E30 DTM 1992 damper bump characteristic
    - Changed M3 E30 DTM 1992 suspension stroke characteristic
    - Added nice description to DTM car
    - Minor tweaks in inis and whatnot, mainly for modders
  2. Adjust DTM car dampers, setup

    12.07.2019 Version 1.1b

    - Changed M3 E30 DTM 1992 ARB range and adjustment based on new data
    - Changed M3 E30 DTM 1992 damper range and adjustment based on new data
    - Changed M3 E30 DTM 1992 rear camber and toe range and adjustment based on new data
    - Changed M3 E30 DTM 1992 default setup to mix of Group A manual and common settings
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  3. M3 E30 DTM racecar added, small tweaks

    11.07.2019 Version 1.1

    - Added M3 E30 DTM 1992
    - Changed undertray ground height sensitivity
    - Adjusted graphics offset 1mm forward
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  4. Front geometry, wheels, tracks, setup

    09.07.2019 Version 1.0b

    - Re-measured front suspension with more care
    - More accurate track widths/offsets
    - More accurate alignment
    - Changed S1 alignment design from camber top to OEM parts
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  5. Release! + added S1

    08.07.2019 Version 1.0

    - Release!
    - Added S1 version
    - Added ST and SM tires
    - Adjusted rear lift coef. from 0.7 to 0.8 (Compared to base model E30) based on new data
    - Fixed big aero issue with front lip, oops! Thanks @baker7498
    - Minor tweaks
    - Added optional CSP features config, thanks @Leonardo Ratafiá
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  6. Aero, front suspension

    07.07.2019 Version 0.9e

    - Completely new aerodynamics from the ground up
    - Suspension tweaks
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  7. New engine, thanks @mike12345678

    06.07.2019 Version 0.9d

    - Added new engine(s): original curve courtesy of @mike12345678
    - Tweaked tire very very slightly
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  8. A bit closer rear geom, bumpstops etc.

    05.07.2019 Version 0.9c

    - Changed rear geometry slightly, rear bumpstops, front ARB, brakes, FFB among others
  9. Suspension changes, still WIP

    05.07.2019 Version 0.9b

    - Changed bumpstops, height, rollbar, ARB, dampers, alignment, FFB among others
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