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Dashpanel dashboard pack 2 1.1

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Here's everything I've done for Dashpanel. Most dashboards are finished but some are wips and some are abandoned wips.


INSTALLATION: Unpack or copy folders from the pack to Android/data/com.PyrofrogStudios.Dashpanel/files

Dashpanel app can be downloaded from Google Play store and from Steam. Also available for iOS.

Latest updates

  1. Dashpanel dashboard pack 2 v1.1

    - New dashboards - Added warning lights to several dashboards - New widgets added to some...

Latest reviews

Great selection of panels
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New dashboard are even a step up in quality!
Crazy work!
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Amazing work on these. Even works on the PC version of Dash Panel. My only feedback is that some of the dash's are a bit small. Running these on a 5" TFT screen at 800x480 res and the panels show up small. I've had to go in and edit some of my favs to a higher resolution. But none the less, amazing work.
Thanks! I like them small, mostly because I use a 8" tablet, but I've built them in a way that you can easily scale them up down in the editor.
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Amazing work!
You’ve done things with the editor I didn’t think possible and I built the dam thing!!
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Nice...very nice....thank you
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Thank you, lots of nice stuff in there.
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File size
134.7 MB
First release
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

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