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DashFlags 0.1

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To install extract and copy into assettocorsa directory.

A single LED to show the current displayed game flag. You can move this and stick it on your dash rather than looking in the top left. Good for VR.

For blue flags the default is for a flashing light when the car directly behind you is the lapping one. Helpful to not let through cars you are racing. As the car gets closer the rate of flashing increases. This can be turned off and flash rate tuned via the config in the app directory.

I have not created textures for the chequered and black and white (warning) flags. if you navigate into the app folder and then the DashFlags_inc folder you will see the textures used. For these two flags the texture is the same as when the LED is off. I couldn't think of something suitable; if you want these to be displayed overwrite the texture. Also black is not a colour that can be shown by a LED so the black flag is a red LED.

Finally there is an option to set a list of valid cars for the blue flag. The light will only show if the lapping car is in this list. By default this feature is off.

Latest updates

  1. Fix the blue flags

    Sorry last feature I added broke the normal working for blue flags and I hadn't tested it with...

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