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Dans Real Driver EYE Cams V2

cams, head, realistic,dirt rally

  1. Msportdan

    Based on both of my previous cam mods, a in between sort of cam. Based on what the driver might actual see from his eyes and in relation to that. Least now doesn't feel like your driving from the back seat codemasters!!!!

    -All cars done. (as of 08/08/15)
    -Set at 0.0 FOV for best results.

    As always please rate. :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Trauman
    Version: V2
    Simple y efectiva. Gracias.
  2. Paul Middleton
    Paul Middleton
    Version: V1
    thanks alot looks much better now.
  3. Baz Cutting
    Baz Cutting
    Version: V1
    awesome mod dan at last a cockpit view like codemasters should have done.they should employ you.really enjoying this mod can see everything infront perfectly.personally now feels like am actually driving and not the passenger.big thumbs up
  4. masarumasaru
    Version: V1
    ok, perfect !!! thank you
  5. Cristiano Vaccarini
    Cristiano Vaccarini
    Version: V1
    Come on Codemasters give us ASDW to move and store our preferred seat positiion. in the meantime Many thanks for your share Msportdan.
  6. wcq
    Version: V1
    Real cockpits,thanks!
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