Danny Kent All 2017 Bikes 2017-09-03

All the bikes that Danny kent has riden this year (except kiefer racing as it's already in the game)

  1. BIKER7202
    This is my first mod on motogp 17 I hope you like it
    Le Mans:
    561610_20170903135956_1.gif 561610_20170903140101_1.gif
    561610_20170903141124_1.gif 561610_20170903142524_1.gif
    561610_20170903140354_1.gif 561610_20170903140619_1.gif
    Red Bull Ring:
    561610_20170903143055_1.gif 561610_20170903143300_1.gif Let me know if I missed any files as there were quite a lot