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DAMS F1 Team 1.0

Replaces Red Bull

  1. Elchambre86
    This is a skin for the DAMS GP2 Team, this skin is on the RB10 chassis. Car only. Could try full team if there is interest.

    Remember to back up you files! Hope you enjoy!

    P.s. The yellow part at the rear of the engine cover is really bugging me!! (Should be black) Do any of you know which part of the texture file controls that peice of the engine cover? If you do ill change it and re-upload.

    Any feed back would be appreciated. 2015-02-21_00015.jpg 2015-02-21_00014.jpg 2015-02-21_00002.jpg 2015-02-21_00001.jpg 2015-02-21_00012.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jake Williams
    Jake Williams
    Version: 1.0
    Great looking mod, any chance of getting it to replace Caterham instead of Red Bull?
  2. Smtung
    Version: 1.0
    Quite nice! Maybe you could do it on the Mercedes as well? Without the pointy nose.
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