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Dallara-BMW FX/17

Fictional car designed and built from scratch for Assetto Corsa by Gary Paterson.

3D Model: @garyjpaterson
Physics: @garyjpaterson
Sounds: @Modek


I can barely believe it, but finally after almost 16 months of messing about with AC Modding, I’ve finally call myself ‘a modder’! :D

It’s not perfect, and from what I gather it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my creation and I’m proud to release it into the world after just under 4 months since its creation (feels like much longer). There are issues (a little bit twitchy to drive at times, model lacks detail in some areas and too much in others…), but I think it’s not too bad for a first release.
(And let’s face it, it’s fictitious and designed by me, so I can’t exactly be wrong now, can I? :p)

I won’t go into too much detail about what this car is and isn’t, I’ll let you discover that in your own time – but feel free to check out the description in-game or the information files in the download if you want to learn more about the car.

Finally, I want to make clear, the main objective of this project is for pure enjoyment – I’ve certainly enjoyed (almost) all of the development process, and if just one person enjoys driving it then I consider it a success.


Special thanks to the great community here at RaceDepartment (the "What Are You Working On?" Thread :D) – all positive messages, constructive feedback and great advice from experienced members was greatly appreciated and kept me motivated.
Also cheers to those helped with testing duties and offered their time and opinions to help improve the final product, your assistance has been invaluable!


  • Gearshift Animations (first attempt was crashing the game)
  • LOD C and D (Only a LOD B for now, so performance with multiple AI isn’t perfect)
  • New skins/liveries (if anyone is able to make some cool skins, I can include them in future updates – sorry for the bad template!)
  • Tyre texture (will come when I make the Transit S2 tyres – same texture)
  • Visual Damage/Dirt implementation
  • Static Windscreen/Interior Reflection
  • Potentially a new wheel (rim) model to replace the generic ones I have now?
  • Maybe some tyre physics tweaking (specifically thermals)
  • More optimisation (textures)






See full progress album from start to finish here: http://imgur.com/a/q3bSU

Latest reviews

Very unique car, that's for sure.
Fun as hell to drive. Great mix of all the elements that make racing fun. And the design is just *chef's kiss*. Really cool car to drive in VR. One of my favorite.
Love The Interior, and it drives reaaly nice, having so much fun with this :)
Stonkingly good fun to drive :-) and no mean feat to create something this good/polished from scratch either. So kudos for making a cracking mod I thoroughly enjoy tanking around silverstone in :-)
I would like this to be a more proeminent simracing category. Yes I love the painstaking reproduction of the real life beasts as much as anyone else here. But the creation of new beasts considering only the particular needs of the simracers to maximize both fun and the "racing factor" without the real life (financial, boureaucratic, safety and sometimes even political) constraints. Congratulations, I'm fully impressed and satisfied.
This car is amazing. Props to gary for making an amazing mod. Drove around 100 km with it today in Assetto and had a lot of fun. Thanks
Bert Austen
great car , a lot of fun to drive @ Nodschleife , looks te little renault car...top work . thanks
Super fun to drive, lots of attention to detail (like the fold up spoiler when braking). I have a lot of fun driving in VR!
She's agile, fun and fast while the bubble cockpit makes the experience defo singular. A must have.
Really fun!!!
Wasn't expecting much from this but I absolutely love it!!! For an original concept car its great, handles nicely and can hurtle down the back straight with ease!!! Looking forward to the next release :)
This is one of the most complete mod cars on this entire site, and such a unique driving experience. Definitely a must-have for any Assetto Corsa player.
Awesome beast and great FormulaX concept!
Delet this
Easily 5 stars. After 1 year still in the top 3 of my all time favourites. Tons of fun.
What a mod.I also like the fact that you have typed in a power point all the cars details.Well done keep it up
This is some great work! One of my favorite cars to drive. Whether it be the Nurburgring or Donington Park, this is fun, quick, and handles well. After I generated some SuperSoft tires for it with ContentManager, I'm absolutely enthralled at the amount of grip this thing has. I especially love the braking wing animation! 10/10
One of my favorite cars. Drives like a motorcycle. I wish a car company would make a single seater car like this for consumers. I discovered some really awesome animations using Content Manager like you can remove the nose, open the boot, deploy intake vents, etc. Really nice surprise.

I shot some photos of it here:

excellent work. An update would be incredible adding animated wipers to the model. Probably it would be fantastic with the rain and wet mods inside that cabin! Thanks for sharing..

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