Customisable Fantasy Helmet [Own Number and Name] Version 1.1

A Helmet where you can put your own name and number on it

  1. Martay
    Hello everyone.
    With this Helmet you see at the bottom, you can change the Number and the Name on it very easily. Here is a quick tutorial on how to:
    1. You need Photoshop and a .dds plugin to edit this.
    2. Open up the .psb file
    3. You can now change the name and number by selecting it on the right and edit it with the text-tool. You can wright your own name on it and your own number.
    4. When you are done, rasterize the type layers
    5. Now select all layers and click on flatten image
    6. Now you can save the file as an .dds file and install it into your game. Therefore, I highly recommend this tutorial by @Kris :

    And you are done! Please give me feedback!

    Template10000.png template20000.png

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddeRaga
    Version: Version 1.1
    Can i save the game with this helmet
    1. Martay
  2. MustartMatters
    Version: Version 1.1
    Brilliant, just brilliant.
    1. Martay
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
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