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Custom Shelby Cobra and Driver Suits Pack 1 1.0 FINAL

5 custom Cobra skins with their individual drivers for your enjoyment.

  1. blackcelica
    Just copy the skins and data folders within the archive to your shelby_cobra_sc folder.
    2014-09-24_00006.jpg Ford cobra with generic Ford drivers suit.
    Gulf Cobra classic with Steve McQueen Driver Suit.
    Evel Knievel Cobra with the legend himself at the wheel.
    The Stig Cobra complete with HD Stig suit, made for hotlapping.
    and The 'Bat Cobra', complete with Batman for hotlapping fun.
    Cleaned up a few areas and logos, all credit to NWRAP Graphics for the amazing tyres. They can be found here:
    Hope you enjoy this fun collection.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sarcasm0
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    Love that bat cobra:D
  2. Jeroen Borghuis
    Jeroen Borghuis
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    really great!!
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