Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced

Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced 0.8

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- added "Reset Car" button, resets car to (not really) the nearest point of track without going back to the pits
(obviously only with CustomShadersPatch)
- added keyboard shortcuts for "Reset Car" and "Step back" buttons
- "Reset car" and "Step back" button should work in "Practice" and "Hotlap" mode
- though when those buttons are used in "Hotlap" mode, your laptime gets invalidated immediately
- if you want to assign a wheel button to the app, use JoyToKey ( for mapping a shortcut (you assigned here) to a wheel-button

-fixed some errors with overlays.ini
-added recording "camera.ini" feature (description on main page: Overview)
-made FOV-keys optional (off by default), made modifiers adjustable (ALT, Ctrl, Shift, Win)
-when recording overlays.ini the app will automatically copy "ai\" to "data\" if not there
-distance to last cam fix - forgot to math.pow()
-added FOV buttons, including configurable keyboard-shortcuts (only with certain cam-views)
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sorry, recording "overlays.ini" now works
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fixed showing app every session, even if closed last time
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