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Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced

Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced 0.9n

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-added more info for clipboard (from-to, streamedge+point, after using copy twice)
-added configurable shortcut for "copy" button (default Ctrl+Shift+V, default is hotkeys off though!)
-now with included "settings\settings_defaults.ini" so the appsize option actually is there in CM
-added some check for auto-camera feature if ai-line is missing
-added "App size multiplier" option, set it in CM->Settings->APPS->Shaders Extension Debug (not available ingame)
-added "auto recording 'cameras.ini'" feature:
> based on AI-line borders and car camera view, has some options when activated:
>>distance in meters for IN_POINT/OUT_POINT
>>min/max height in meters, added on top of current cam-height, random value is used from resulting range
>>result may still need adjustment!
>>obviously ai-line has to be present!

Activate with this button:

After that turn on ai-driver (CTRL+C) or do a lap:
-fixed renaming if "...unfinished..." with same name is already there, else you would end up with old unfinished
-made the unfinished "camerasX.ini_unfinished.txt" having the correct numbers in it
-changed behaviour on exiting game if app has not seen s/f line:

unfinished "cameras.ini" will not be removed, but renamed, it gets .txt extension:
Haha like 10 minutes later, sorry!
-fixed app icon not found (call of ac.newApp() with wrong caption)
On demand of some crazy people :whistling: , i hope last update for a while:

-added min/max fov and isfixed params when using "create camerasX.ini"

-unrelated to that: added track-camera check, so you know which one is active atm, can take upto 1.5 seconds to update, last line in text-output:
-changed lowest FOV to 1 (10 before)
-changed UP xyz-coordinates for clipboard/camera files to have opposite minus sign, which should now be the correct for dynamic cams too
-changed default key for door toogle to "F" as Ctrl+"C" is already occupied by toggle AI driving and also gets triggered with shift included
-added shortcuts for driver and door toggle buttons
-reminder: shortcuts are off by default:
-fixed the up/forward thing and spaces in " = " params
Edit: ok it got reported this version is worse than the old, so mayb dont try this version!

-hopefully fixed the up/forward thing
-tyre blister/flatspot/grain info now only in minimal mode ("^" button)
-copy button in minimal mode too

-fixed saving settings
-fixed UP/FORWARD parameter when using "Copy" button
-added coordinates relative to car center when using "Copy" button
-slightly changed display for light count, in "minimal" mode too (there is an fps counter too now)
-fixed app not working without "apps\python\AccExtHelper\settings\settings.ini", sorry
(means you needed to have changed something in CM settings page to work)
-fixed app writing incomplete "cameras.ini" on shutdown, now it gets deleted
-"r" button now also resets generating "cameras.ini" or "overlays.ini"

Thx Jonah for pointing out both mistakes!
-fixed generating "cameras.ini", does not use same camera for first and last anymore
*note: generated cameras(_x).ini are somewhat generic, you need to edit them to get good results
-added flatspot/blister/grain info for all tyres (before it was only rear left one displayed ;) )
-added small button "v"/"^" to toggle tyre data vs all data
-added "c" button next to "Copy" button, which only copies "POSITION=x,y,z" into clipboard like original app

- added "Reset Car" button, resets car to (not really) the nearest point of track without going back to the pits
(obviously only with CustomShadersPatch)
- added keyboard shortcuts for "Reset Car" and "Step back" buttons
- "Reset car" and "Step back" button should work in "Practice" and "Hotlap" mode
- though when those buttons are used in "Hotlap" mode, your laptime gets invalidated immediately
- if you want to assign a wheel button to the app, use JoyToKey (https://joytokey.net/en/download) for mapping a shortcut (you assigned here) to a wheel-button

-fixed some errors with overlays.ini
-added recording "camera.ini" feature (description on main page: Overview)
-made FOV-keys optional (off by default), made modifiers adjustable (ALT, Ctrl, Shift, Win)
-when recording overlays.ini the app will automatically copy "ai\fast_lane.ai" to "data\ideal_line.ai" if not there
-distance to last cam fix - forgot to math.pow()
-added FOV buttons, including configurable keyboard-shortcuts (only with certain cam-views)
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sorry, recording "overlays.ini" now works
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