Custom Red Bull Honda skin 1.0

I was bored what can I say...

  1. Ardoo
    Skin contains a custom red bull livery with the honda engine for this mod....I made my own mod which is kind of in the half-way of making but i have done some cars and red bulls drivers are Verstappen and Hulkenberg...feel free to edit the skin to your own liking. And if you want to help me just let me know. Leave your feedback as well so I can improve my skin. ddd.jpg gggg.jpg hiu.jpg Hõiva.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. andreichear2003
    Version: 1.0
    This skin is very nice and original , but you could make the sidepods a little more different . Maybe the aston martin wings like the sean bull design or the honda logo , that would be very awesome
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