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Custom Mercedes W05 DHD & HD 1.1

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Henky Saputro Aji aka Henky SA presents
Custom Black Mercedes W05.
slightly altered the colors and logos without changing most of the logos of the standard skins.
done in DHD and HD as usual.
i use Lotus' material files here for get the proper black colors. due to original Mercedes' material file turns the car color to chrome and makes me should to rebuild the specocc again! LOL
Big thanks to ML2166 for the Affalterbach logo. and oh thanks to WIlmer for the tyres i use here from his template. :thumbsup:
backup your files always.
pick the size and drop them to me2's folder.
if you notice something wrong, feel free to post it in discussion tab.
Ja, mata ne.






little note : for those who want the SD version, it's located on texture_low/me2_gen_low_main.pssg in 4096 folder. just rename the files to me2_gen_high_main.pssg (make sure you copy it elsewhere) then copy the renamed files and overwrite it inside the texture_high/me2_gen_high_main.pssg.

Latest updates

  1. fixed the broken stripes on the nose part.

    changelog v1.1 : - fixed the broken stripe on the nose part when you see the right side of the car.

Latest reviews

Best bolid for F1 2014 besides my F1 Police unit bolid! Right! ;) long time don't see you Henky just going through your collection..Very impresive :)
I copied the cars folder to F1 2014 folder and nothing happened.
Awesome looking
Excelent job
Awesome :)
looks like a toy, there are things to improve.
Fantastic. Thank you mate.
thanks fella!
Absolutely brilliant. Good job. :)
f..... awesome
woooooww.. nice nice nice
Waooooooo Super, thank
No I hope for a Mercedes offer on career, I thought about my entire career att Williams. But now want a offer from Mercedes so I can drive this next season! :P
Very good
This one is great!!
Awesome. Well done.Wish the whole grid looked like this.
Awesome ;)
Fapping on this right now :3 <3 :D Brilliant <3

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