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Custom AI Difficulty Levels 1.1

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A set of difficulty levels for AI with aprox. 0.5sec between laptimes.

Folder A starts with default Legend and add 0,5sec/level.


Legend - 1:24:60
Expert - 1:25:10
Pro - 1:25:60
Inter - 1:26:10
Amateur - 1:26:60

Folder B

Legend - 1:27:10
Expert - 1:27:60
Pro - 1:28:10
Inter - 1:28:60
Amateur - 1:29:10

Also works in Career.



Latest updates

  1. Custom AI difficulty levels

    V 1.1 A set of difficulty files added to be all played on Legend. The advantage is that you...

Latest reviews

Does it work in wet races???... In defaults difficulties the AI is too fast in wet. Do you correct AI speed en wet conditions to be more realistic???
Handy mod, for a quick fix to set AI speed..... like 1.1 addition vey handy
crappy instruction written for himsef not others.
Great mod, nice to have essentially more levels, but with a known gap between levels. The update 1.1 makes it easier to understand, and mean that you can just leave you game set to 'Legend' :)

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