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Curborough Sprint Course

Curborough Sprint Course 1.0 - Release

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Curborough Sprint Course v1.0

As seen on the Car Throttle YouTube Channel.

The sprint course at Curborough was formerly a small part of RAF Lichfield. Construction of the airfield began in 1939. On completion, 51 Maintenance Unit took up residence on 1st August 1940. After the War, a local farmer purchased the site from the Air Ministry, S&D.C.C. with a dream to create a sprint course, but lots of work was required to bring it up to standard.


Thanks to the tireless efforts of an army of enthusiasts, the inaugural sprint meeting took place on 16th June 1963. Ian McLaughlin driving a Cooper Jap in 38.7 secs recorded fastest time of day.


Today Curborough Sprint Course is Britain's premier motorsport venue for speed sprinting against the clock. It has also been awarded the accolade of being a cycling centre of excellence, and features in the Guinness Book of Records when the pedal car racers set a new 1000 mile record in 2002! All types of cars, from saloons to single seaters, compete here at regular events.


This version of the track contains the sprint course, as well as the small lappable race circuit. The version to race against the AI uses a different start / finish point than real life, as the AC AI miss out turn one otherwise!

Fully compatible with CSP, Rain FX, and uses an adjust version of the GrassFX texture provided by Mike08



If you enjoy this track, and all of the other tracks I have available for free here on RD please consider joining my Patreon, where for $1 a month you can join my community of 400 people and experience my tracks as they're built. Often months before anybody else!


Currently on Patreon there are large builds such as Thunderhill and Toronto as well as several other work in progress venues for you to try out.

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Latest reviews

Excellent, I've been waiting for this! I'm a regular at Curborough, so if you need any detail images then give me a shout (e.g. around the Molehill etc). I also have some height data for it, as the track has some subtle elevation changes that would be great to include. Great modelling though, thanks!
Went there in my youth. I live closer now than I did back then.
This is excellent! Tyrone, you seem apt at UK tracks... the only castle combe we have is a ripped modified version from TOCA 3, would you be willing to look into doing one? I'd happily pay for the mod.
Nice track overall but hotlap layout needs checkpoints cuz accidently i got time of 0.002sec :)
Another great work! Thank you very much! Here's a little camtool contribution https://youtu.be/Z-hz4pSzR-A
Excellent !!!
Nice small street style compound, very good looking even though it could be better. Would love to see more these type of small compound. Love it regardless!
Wonderful. 5 stars.
Didn't even try it yet but you are the one who made it so it can't be bad.
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